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Recruiting Replacement Privateers

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Recruiting Replacement Privateers

Letter of Marque - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

Privateer Melara Zentaru has had to reassign two of her officers to one of her prize ships, and is looking for two replacements. She is looking for a
arcane caster, other than bard, which she already has
ship-mage, and one with any abilities complementing those of her remaining officers.

Read Before You Apply, then the character creation guidelines and the house rules, of which there are many.

Game Description:

Twenty years ago, Iverina and Andaron exhausted themselves in a fruitless war arising from two hundred years of grievance. No treaty was signed, but neither nation has had the stomach -- or the funds -- to raise another army or the navy needed to ferry it across the Sea of Tephia between them. Instead, they turned to private seafarers, issuing Letters of Marque and Reprisal authorizing independent captains to continue the war by harassing each others' shipping.

Melara Zentaru of Andaron is one of those captains. She has a ship: the Swift Vengeance. She has the crew to sail it. What she needs is people to handle the main action: the officers, the boarding party, the away team, the troubleshooters. That's you.

Lost a good chunk of last year to illness, and in the time before I recovered, two players dropped because of changing life circumstances.

If you submitted to the original game advertisement in February last year, post in the Character Creation Discussion thread for me to move your app back to the top-level character folder where it will be more visible.

There are a lot of house rules, so just applying is a big time commitment. Sorry about that, but the changes were important to me.

Applications for re-recruiting will close at 7am Eastern time Tuesday, May 28 -- actually, whenever after that moment I happen to get up and start up my computer. I expect to be available for part of the weekend to answer questions, but Monday is slightly iffier.

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