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A Star Once Fallen

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A Star Once Fallen

A Star Once Fallen - Forum

Marooned on an uncharted island, caught between two warring tribes, and threatened at all hours by a dormant volcano
prophesied to awaken again. Can our brave heroes discover the legend of Starfall Island before they fall prey to its denizens?

This adventure is an introduction to the setting-agnostic Open Legend RPG system, created by celebrity DM Matt Mercer and Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood.

Searching for players to post at least twice a week. Make a detailed and personalized character and jump into a race against the clock on an exotic desert island.

Game Description:

You thought the job would be easy. Hitch a ride on a
trading vessel, protect it from pirates, and earn a few
gold and a free trip to the City of Sails. All in a dayís
work for an adventurer like yourself. But thereís not
much your swords and arrows and spells can do against
a typhoon. You donít remember much - the flash of lightning, the howl of wind, the doomful crack of the mast as
it split down the middle - but one memory stands out
perfectly in your mind.
Traveling aboard the ship was a fortune teller, an old
hag that was great aunt to the captain or something
like that. On the night before the typhoon struck, she
told your fortune, and her words are emblazoned in your

A star once fallen upon the land,
Brings sword and axe and spell at hand.
For planted deep like evil seed
It fills heart, soul, and mind with greed.
Shoulders broad and voices tiny
Ceaseless war of clashing armies.
In sleep, the beauty whispers well,
But her wormtongue song is ever fell.
A royal staff in hands upright
Shall end the long, eternal fight.
But try you might, and try you may
The star will rise another day.

An introductory adventure for Open Legend RPG, a setting-agnostic RPG system. Create a detailed character with the online character sheet and adventure on a volcanic island set to explode.

Looking for 3-6 players posting at least twice a week. Comment below and we'll be off!

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