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Survival Horror on a Dead Planet

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Survival Horror on a Dead Planet

Escape From Eox - Forum

This will be a Survival Horror type of adventure, with a party of 3-4 characters trying to survive, and ultimately escape from the planet of Eox. This is the established Starfinder setting, but I will be taking liberties with whatever I see fit.

You will start as prisoners on Absolom station, for whatever crime you decide your character committed, or got wrongfully arrested for, it's up to you. The adventure starts as you and a few other prisoners take a deal that will shorten your sentence. All you have to do is take the ship that is acting as Absolom Station's morgue, and fly it off to Eox, where they take the deceased for their own purposes, and you go on your merry was as free men and women. Easy, right?


Classic Horror in a Sci-Fi setting, Cosmic Horror, Survival

Application information within the forum.

Game Description:

Eox is among the most mysterious of the Pact Worlds, and it is likely the member planet most feared by citizens of the rest of the system.

And that's where you're headed.

Anyone considering an application, I would recommend doing so today. First night I have an hour or two to get this going, I will be sending invites. Possibly tonight, depending on my schedule. I may even close the ad tonight and only keep the apps I have regardless of whether I send invites or not.

I have enough great applications to make a game with now. While I'm not starting the game yet, I am no longer accepting any more new applications at this time. I'm only leaving this ad up for the next day or two while people finish their already begun apps, since some people tend to click through the ad to get to the game forum

If you would like to still create an app, in case someone drops from the game or I decide to add more players down the road, I don't have a problem with that. Just know that I will not be reviewing or accepting your app at this point in time.

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