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The Official Yammering Thread

It could be. What I did, in my experiment, was used the Johnstone responses of "Yes ands" and "yes buts" to create the rough outline of the setting. Details I later filled in myself, to create a more cohesive and sensible setting. Obviously Johnstoning is going to create an inherent mishmash of ideas--this is not the final copy. The final copy should be completed by the Johnstone Initiator (or JI), aka the GM whose building the setting.

For instance, here's a brief rundown of what we knew:

There were three countries.
One was facist, two were part of a democratic alliance.
The facist one was human-supremacists. The other two were ostensibly not, but one of them (the more economically powerful one) had a lower class that was filled with human-supremacists.

We gave the countries names, and I then wrote out the details: The human supremacists were part of a theocratic facism. The human supremacists in the other country were moles an were supported by the facist nation. The other nation was primarily made up of non-human races.

Suddenly, what were just a few disconnected ideas became a whole story. You're only going to get a rough draft for the setting from Johnstoning, so it's going to require some fine tuning either just by yourself or by a collection of hand-picked individuals.

If you're thinking about a series of threads for the same world but with different topics, I can set you up with a thread prefix. Your choice what it is.

I don't have any experience with this technique at all, so I have nothing useful to offer for organizing it.

That seems a bit excessive for now. We'll start with a thread, if it starts to get a lot of attention and turn into something people are having lots of fun with then sure, we can do that, but lets start small

Also +1 to Dauph, I was just noticing how much cleaner the place is. If the other boards had this level of organization I'd... I don't know what I'd do exactly

I just finished reading up on the wiki description of johnstoning. I like the concept.

WOLT, please count me in the fray.

Agri, are you in?

Hey, y'uins guys....latest update is up on Farlandworld. here on M-W. Yours Truly started another novel-length (hope so) installment of the Darmon series. Enjoy!

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