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MW Starter Module

I'd be glad to give a hand. I can do writing or editing (B.A. in English, focused on composition and linguistics)... just let me know if you still need help with either of those.

@ estlin

I do very much like the style of the first one especially, and I kind of have the notion greyscale is going to work for everything except possibly the cover should we do cover art for the PDF (will really depend on if we have the time as it's lower priority).

I'm in discussion with Shadow right now about doing portraits for the main characters, however, it does look like he may not be able to fulfill the entire art obligation for the project and it does seem appropriate to split up the artwork duties into specific jobs. (my first thought is to have him do the full pre-gen character list and have you perhaps work on NPC's that we only really need neck up shots from, especially since there will likely be more NPC's to draw up and you have that self starting ethic).

All in all your enthusiasm and desire to help combined with your art skills make you an ideal addition to the team (I love self starters!).

There may likely be a lot of NPC's.

Right now I'm working up a 4 month production schedule with the understanding that with volunteer help and IRL circumstances we may be looking at longer realistically if we operate with a skeleton crew. Additional hands would make the labor lighter and also speed the project along.

Please head over to the game board and begin helping there. Start by introducing yourself in the OOC and also drop a writing sample please I will take your degree to indicate that you have a good understanding of what you are doing though The idea of the sample is to see what you produce and how we might use that best.

Sample needs: 1-3 paragraphs of boxed text as a scene start for a GM. Be descriptive but avoid implying in-game tone as the GM and players will need to interpret that for their own game.

Writers are the first leg of the journey. We'll work on sorting out who has what duty between you and Izual to help lighten the work. I'll help split the work up and the idea is that everyone has room for creative commenting (though realistically decisions will need to be made at certain junctures).

Right now, freelance work is in a lull and my current part time employment has me stuck in a typesetting job, my fingers are itching for actual images.

So just point me in the direction of your NPC list then and well...
::cracks knuckles::

We don't have a full NPC list yet, but we do have a rough start of one. Please head over to here and post your samples in the OOC thread and begin poking around.

Please comment, ask questions and submit ideas based on what is there so far. This project is literally just starting out earlier today so do bear with us as we refine the artwork needs between the writers. Your creative input can also be fantastically helpful in other areas especially now on the ground floor while we are refining the project vision.

please do, artwork is in high demand

I'm also particularly in need of a PDF expert.

I can make a basic PDF but never spent much time with the editors and am a bit swamped to get bogged down with that atm.

Going back a few pages to characters: While for art, it is obviously a good idea to have preset genders, I think when we're handing out characters, our list should look more like this:

Dwarven Axeman
Elvish Archer
Elvish Brawler
Dwarven Cleric
Human Cleric
Human Mage
Human Fighter
Human Thief
Dwarven Thief

As a player might really want to play a Dwarven thief, but that samesaid player doesn't want to play a woman, or a player might really want to play an Elvish Brawler, but really doesn't want to play a man.

And instead of giving players detailed full backgrounds, perhaps we give them a few recommendations (much like the D&D 4e books do).

If we feel we really need to, perhaps having some premade characters on hand might be handy--but in those cases, generally a player will want a fully statted up character, in which case I would recommend strongly that we leave that up to the DM to do.

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