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you guys ever watch an older group of shows called the Shogun Warriors?

Haha! I remember that. Haven't seen it in ages. I even had a few of the toys, I think. Probably garbaged or yard sold at this point, but... =P

I finally found that manga I was asking if anyone knew here a while back. It's called "Imawa no Kuni no Alice". Anyone know it now that the name is stated?

Google brings up "Alice In Borderland" which really to me, just makes me think of some twisted Borderlands 2 Gaige fanfiction.

So apparently "Naruto" ends December 6 with the "The Last: Naruto Movie" so...yeah that announcement sort of blindsided me.

I've not kept up with Naruto for quite a long time. I got tired of seeing the plot dragged out over and over again, so I decided to wait for it to get wrapped up before jumping back in. Nice to see they're finally finishing the damned thing.

Alright, this is a nice segway to a topic I wanted to talk about. Manga series ending, or rather the lack thereof. Yes, I realize this could be a sensitive topic, but let's have a civil discussion about it.

Now, the worst offender to my knowledge are Hajime no Ippo (1070+ Chapters) and One Piece (750+ Chapters), and finally Naruto (695 Chapters). I am basing my numbers on manga portals, but it's close enough I reckon. Now I was reading Fairy Tail when I came across a comment of a gentleman proclaiming One Piece the superior Manga, since it could continue on for ten more years, while Fairy Tail is sensibly coming to a close. That statement got me thinking "How long is too long? How long is not long enough?"
The problem I see in these never ending stories is that at some point it needs to be done, there needs to be an end to have a sense of pacing, a sense of climax, a sense of completion.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the One-Shot's and the more manageable sized manga's we have things like Akumetsu, Rock n Roll Ricky, and Psyren. I will use them as good examples of a good size, manageable for even those that come in new to the series, with a sense of completion and a good pacing. They get to the point, deliver their load and are then done. They also shy away from filler for the sake of filler, though they are not fully free of it either. Their Cast of characters is manageable to handle, they are often a bit deeper and faceted and well written.

What are your thoughts on this?

I always prefer stories that have a clear story arc. They don't necessarily have to *end* forever, but I want a clear beginning, middle, and end to any given story within a manga/anime. Using Naruto as a specific example, it's been banging on about the same overarching storyline for *years* now, constantly derailing itself for filler garbage that is in no way related to the larger plot. On the other hand, had they wrapped up the Akatsuki stuff then moved on to another story arc, I would have been completely fine with it.

Like Hunter x Hunter eventually drew the whole "finding Ging" storyline to a close, then used it as a stepping stone to start a new story. Course, the author has pretty much gone on permanent hiatus, but the intent was there.

When a show drags on its plot for too long, I start to lose interest. I feel like I'm being cheated out of the promise that the author made at the beginning to tell a specific story.

Jojo's Bizarre adventure has been running since the 80s? As long as the story is interesting and the person has a story to tell, that should be enough really.

well thats annoying i have been slowly getting though attack on titan at 2 episodes a week because its on the tv at that rate but last night just after somebody opened a door and got stabbed the satellite set top box decided it wanted to download something or something and now i have no idea what happened next

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