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That means we might get Lucoa 2.0, redhead edition. At least she attaches herself to a dude the same age this time.

Originally Posted by Cyber_Goddess View Post
Did anyone post about them announcing Dragon Maid Season 2?
I still have to watch the first one. Watching anime is a slog for me these days, and I need to finish Steins;Gate 0 and then watch the third season of Index. I just ordered an NVIDIA Shield TV so I will have a decent way to watch Crunchyroll again.

It's pretty safe to say that you don't need to watch Steins;Gate 0. In fact, most fans of the original will tell you to pretend it doesn't exist.

I recently watched Gargantia and Ajin on Netflix. They were pretty good. One Punch Man just made me laugh. I didn't think I would like it at all. Is there anything on Netflix anime wise I should be watching?

Have the first half of Yamato 2202. Have to say it is bloody fantastic! It is a reboot that honors the original but puts a more complicated story into the heart of it.
I eagerly await the second half.

So, Netflix apparently just recently released there Ultraman Anime. (Based on the long running Tokusatsu Franchise of the same name.).

Has anyone seen it yet? If so,

1: How well do you have to know the franchise going in to get what's going on?

2: If you DO know the franchise going in does it give you the middle finger for doing so?

3: Is there any nudity (I know Ultraman is traditionally targeted in such a way as to not have that, but my understandings are that there have been at least 1/2 series in the past that break that rule. Since i'll be watching when it's slow at work, I don't want to risk it with out a heads up in advance.).

4: Is it outright crap, or is it at least entertaining/enjoyable?

I haven't seen Ultraman yet. As far as Netflix goes B the Beginning was pretty good and Saiki K was HILARIOUS!

Ultraman is actually pretty solid. I'm not a big fan of CGI anime, however, the use of HDR drastically improved the quality of the CGI. You can tell the budget went towards the fight scenes though.

As far as Netflix goes, I enjoyed 7 Deadly Sins as a nice little distraction.

What Ultima said^^. I watched half of it yesterday and thought it was pretty good but just not a huge CF fan.


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