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lol that's one of the shows I checked out the other day. It highly amused me :P I need to pop back over to my anime page and see if any of the other shows I'm looking for have started yet.

I do need to find a group for that. I didn't even realize it had aired yet. -_- Start of new season problems.

Well at least the BlazBlue anime looks better than the in-game cutscenes from Continuum Shift. I have to wonder how much they're going to try and cram in, though. I was under the impression it was only covering Calamity Trigger, but the ED had several of the Continuum Shift characters (one of whom is a huge spoiler that doesn't even show up till the very end of CS), and the first episode ended at the Ragna vs. Hakumen fight. Now, they could easily loop it and cover different story threads, but...

Also, did anyone watch Arpeggio of Blue Steel? The concept is so interesting and the character designs are pretty great, but... having the whole thing in kind of lacklustre CGI is really off-putting to me. Despite the promise the series shows, it's currently at the top of my "contemplating dropping" list this season, and that saddens me.

Originally Posted by Krimson View Post
I was on Crunchyroll and I accidentally clicked on Outbreak Company. What an awesome mistake I made!
Oh sure, why not, just add another show to the 50 others I'm trying to keep up with this season. Thanks a lot, Krimson.

Kinsei, I too was unimpressed with Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Unlike you, the premise didn't resonate much with me, and combined with the inexplicably crappy CGI, I'm not really inclined to keep this show in my queue. Especially considering how packed this season is. This and Log Horizon are the two I've already dropped. There are a few others that might get dropped or put on the shelf for a rainy day.

Speaking of which, I should probably go ahead and drop the female pro wrestling one that consisted almost entirely of groaning and crotch shots.

I'm... surprised you even deigned to watch that one, honestly. >_>

And I liked Log Horizon. What turned you off to that one?

I usually give a show 3-4 episodes before I drop it, so I'll give Arpeggio a few more weeks to prove it can overcome the crappy CGI decision.

Originally Posted by Kinsei View Post
I'm... surprised you even deigned to watch that one, honestly. >_>

And I liked Log Horizon. What turned you off to that one?

I usually give a show 3-4 episodes before I drop it, so I'll give Arpeggio a few more weeks to prove it can overcome the crappy CGI decision.
Aside from the groaning and crotch shots, it's not so bad. It's just that it's about 75% groaning and crotch shots.

Log Horizon just felt too derivative, too familiar. Nothing about it stood out in any way. If I'm constantly checking to see how much time is left in the episode, it probably doesn't have much hope. Honestly, I usually prefer to give a show a couple of episodes before bailing too, but with as busy as I am and with as many other interesting shows as there are this season, I just don't have the motivation to keep rolling with a show that doesn't offer something of interest in the first episode. Frankly, I almost dropped Arpeggio before the episode even ended.

That said, if some of these other shows (that were at least mildly interesting or had something to keep me hooked) don't shape up, they might get the axe as well. Ain't nobody got time for crappy anime.

I'm definitely getting that "I've seen this all done before by better anime," vibe from Log Horizon. That said, it wasn't blatantly bad enough for me to nix it after one episode, so I'm going to sit through another episode or two and see if it picks up.

I also watched the first two episodes of Kyoukai no Kanata. Kind of weird to see a KyoAni action show. Death by Moe has new meaning!

I'm probably going to watch Unbreakable Machine Doll tonight.

Oh, I have Kanata on my list of shows to check out. I have something like 10 shows that I haven't looked to see if they've gone up yet or not. Been too busy watching Eyeshield 21.

I enjoyed the first episode of Kyoukai no Kanata. Work has kind of kept me from watching the second episode, but it shows a good amount of promise. It is a bit of departure for KyoAni. Not that I'm complaining.

Unbreakable Machine Doll was good too. Yaya is adorable. I hope they focus a lot on the fights. After Gatchaman and Symphogear last season I need to keep up a steady stream of action. Forgot how much I enjoyed shows like that.

I suppose I just have a soft spot in my heart for the concept in the case of Log Horizon. .hack was really the first... extended universe I really got into (followed by Ar Tonelico, Type-Moon, Touhou) and so I naturally gravitate toward anything that's similar. It's why I'm willing to give just about anything touching on that concept a shot. I'm more the, "unless there's a particularly good reason, I won't drop it" kind of watcher.

I know what you mean about glancing at the clock to see if it's over yet or not, though. Definitely did that while watching Watamote.

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