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What's that Videogame?

Originally Posted by Kinsei View Post
For never being able to really get into the core series, I really enjoyed this spin-off as a kid for some unexplained reason.

...But I'll let someone else get it, since I got the last one and don't have anything else to post.
I think you might have too, not sure if anyone else knows.

Yeah, its been a while.
Its Dragon Warrior: Monsters
Basically a Dragonwarrior themed Pokemon like game. Very fun.

Who ever wants to post next is free to.

I will try again.

Crap, I know this game, but cannot for the life of me recall the title.

Time Killers.

X-COM Enforcer (gah... =__= such a stain on the old franchise)

I know I'm right, so I allow myself to post a new one


Man... I haven't recognized the majority of games being posted....

I don't blame you for this one, it's pretty obscure.


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