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NaNoWrimo 2018

I'm about 2000 words past my last record (yay) and 1000 words behind schedule (boo!) I got inspired to work on my rock opera over the weekend and that caused me to lag behind.

Ah well, it's not insurmountable by any stretch.

Good luck everyone!!!!

Happy Halvsies, everyone!

As of right now, our MW group of 17 have a total of 255,782 words. That's respectable for our 'region' to have put out already.

Also, today is ML appreciation day, so thank you to our Pseudo MLs for the weave: Dauph, Joshua, and Colin.

MLs? Mongoose Leapers? Moderate Lepers? Modron Lemurs? Monkey Linguists? Marsupial Layabouts?

Municipal Liaison.

Thank you Dauph and Colin and Josh!

Okay, I'm 544 words "behind schedule." 24,456 of the 25,000 target. That's not bad for almost two days off to work on music. I hit a nice stride this week. Now it's time to hit a major "beat" and change gears.

Hey, I just edit posts because I have too much free time, all the credit for things should go to Dauph and Josh.

I appreciate the sentiments! Thank you very much!

Congrats to everyone working hard to get as much as they can through the month! Half down, and half to go! And even if you haven't started yet, if you want to start now you'll still end up with 1/2 a story more than you'd end up with otherwise!

I'm caught up to the suggested schedule again!

Sort of a diary for a moment. I meant to finish a beat in yesterday's 1666 words. It took yesterday, today, and over 4000 words to tell the part I wanted to tell. But that's a good thing.

Tomorrow I'll start writing a lot of moping. I want this to be a short chapter/act -- that middle of the story lull, and a bunch of exposition.

I'm only writing to entertain myself.

Originally Posted by MrAndrewJ View Post
I'm only writing to entertain myself.
It's important to entertain yourself! Whether you write as a hobby, or not. You are always your story's first audience!


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