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Notice of suspension of all activities

Best wishes / luck!

Thanks for letting us know. Good that they have diagnosed the problem. Wishing you all the best for your treatment and recovery!

Thanks for the heads up! Glad to hear that they've at least found the proximate cause. Hopefully that will at least let them treat the symptoms while they work on the root cause. Good luck! Sending prayers and my kitteh's are purring for you.

That's actually quite good news as that's something that can be treated. Loads better than being sick with no idea what's going on.

Thank you for letting us know! Regardless of which of the three it is, I hope they prescribe you a proper treatment, and of course, that its the least problematic of the three... At least they're getting somewhere identifying it. As for you, keep up the good work, and get plenty of rest!

Ladies and gentlemen, I got relatively good news: turns out the root of my problems was, in fact, a genetic malformation. This is bad, in that the intensive therapy I'm going to undergo will only serve to stave off the symptoms, but since I was born this way it will be impossible for me to actually heal, I'll have to live knowing that my conditions could worsen again at any moment... But at least it's not a tumor: that would have been a million times worse.

So yeah, the first phase of the intensive therapy will last about one week: after that, I should be able to return to at least a degree of activity here, if not to the same level as before.


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