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any other night owls?

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
Relax, I'm just joshing you. If your employer is fine with you slacking off doing other stuff in that time (and for someone who's job is to be a "fire extinguisher", I don't see why they wouldn't) then no worries... if they're not, well, it doesn't really matter if that makes you less efficient, that's up to them. They're the ones paying you. Either way, a lot of us don't have jobs like that. Hell, my first job we had to hand in basically all our possessions at the start of each shift (pretty literally strip to the waist, since they gave you a shirt too).

Hand in your possessions and strip? Were you cutting dope for one of the cartels or something?

I used to work the night shift. Each company is different, but when I was an accountant, my boss always said that as long as the work got done, he didn't care what I did with my free time, so I brought in my laptop and and worked on my own personal interests... after my work was done of course.

Creative writing, video games, personal studies (science, history, geography, politics... whatever intellectual itch I wanted to scratch).

Another friend of mine put herself through college using the online campus at night. She got her degree after 5 years with the company, packed up and left to follow her dreams.

Another friend of mine had pretty strict requirements at work, and wasn't allowed to goof off, even if there was nothing to do, so he used wireless headphones, that he decorated to look like ear muffs and listened to audiobooks all night. He worked outside, so it made sense.

And I long time ago, I worked in a 24 hour restaurant. Overnight staff dealt with drunks, homeless people taking baths in sinks, and first responders grabbing a bite between 911 calls, so there was always something to scrub, organize, or repair. I filled my time by killing myself with work. We put a phone in a cup (amplifies the sound that way) and listened to anything energetic and aggro (punk and heavy metal mostly) to keep up awake and chased coffee with shots of 5 Hour Energy Shots to keep the energy levels high.

Originally Posted by drezdock View Post
Hand in your possessions and strip? Were you cutting dope for one of the cartels or something?
Worse, catering.

A lot of the employees were like 16-year-olds doing summer jobs or whatever so they probably knew that people would do zero work and a lot of using their phones, given half a chance. Plus people got put wherever so they'd give you the appropriate uniform when you got there.

Stay on topic folks.

I work an evening shift, Usually have trouble sleeping after getting home from work, usually end up sleeping at 1 or 2am, sometimes going to sleep at 5 or 6 am, browsing the internet, chatting with friends, or just playing games.

I was working graves until about a month ago. Now im off at midnight most nights and have to force myself to bed by 3 or 4. I do mean force, im not tired at all. I just know I need to be in bed at that time to make sure im up by a certain time.

But its still cool. Spent a good chunk of today doing research and making notes for my game im running, so thats nice. starting to feel like im not completely at a loss as to what im gonna do with the group of pc's.


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