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Rise of Skywalker

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
Well yes, if you focus on the least-successful 25% of the new movies, they look less successful than if you look at the two which were almost-record-breaking box-office smash-hits (as compared to all movies of all time).

Of course box office success is irrelevant when discussing whether you actually enjoy something, but when discussing whether you actually enjoy something you have to admit that it's pure subjectivity.
Can we just quit with this now? It's basically trolling.

But it didn't. The Last Jedi severely underperformed compared to The Force Awakens.

And the box office does matter, because it's part of the bottom line for the companies. That doesn't include how polarising and fan-base splitting the movie was which, in my opinion, has been it's most damaging legacy to the franchise. The film underperforming wouldn't bother me, as a fan. It would be a tad disappointing, but I'd still be happy with the film and could share that happiness and lore with other fans. The Last Jedi, however, wasn't an addition to the Star Wars community, it was a wedge, one that has been incredibly damaging to a fanbase that survived the prequels together.

Originally Posted by livingwill View Post
Anakin was both the Chosen One and was trained. The ultra high midicholrian count was used to prove it. Rey is neither.
I don't believe he had much training as of The Phantom Menace. So we're just left with him being the Chosen One... which Qui-Gon Jinn concluded based off of his midi-chlorian count.

So I reiterate: Is your problem with Rey that her midi-chlorians were never counted?

This discussion is exactly how the last Star Wars thread ended up getting closed. The deal that time was we closed the thread and did not issue infractions. Pray we do not alter it further.

To wit: If you have a set opinion on the quality of the preceding movies and are only here to have an argument where your viewpoint will never be changed, then kindly excuse yourself from the thread.

Originally Posted by Bananaphone View Post
This new trilogy will be set in the Old Republic era (hurrah.jpeg) but it will be created and written by the current heads of HBO's Game of Thrones (ohno.jpeg). This gives great cause for concern for those familiar with the current state of Game of Thrones Season 8. Needless to say, GoT has undergone a noticeable decline in writing/plot quality since Season 5, which is about the same time as the TV series departed the GRRM book material and went off of D&D's material based on GRRM outlines. This news isn't particularly inspiring. We'll have to see who else they bring on board.
I may have read it wrong, but it doesn't state that it will be in the Old Republic, only that it won't follow the same storyline as this trilogy. They could be back to the original trilogy timeline, prequels, into the future, etc.

And just like that conversation went back to Mary Sue/not Mary Sue. Thread closed.


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