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Death to the Dragon God!

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Death to the Dragon God!

Against the Dragon God - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

"Tremble, weaklings. Cower in fear.
For I am your ruler!
The IntroductionThe World, Barren, is in ruins. The Dragon God, Polaris, rules with an iron fist. His five mysterious scions roam the land, slaying all bastions of hope in their wake...and the monstrous races under his name have started warring over the barren land he controls, all for his amusement...
Somebody's gotta stop this! You have to end this with a mighty rebellion, once and for all!
Or, at least, once you find a way out of this city.
Captured by the Duergar! You wouldn't wish this fate upon anyone, and yet here you are--a splinter of a defeated resistance, trapped beneath layers of substrata rock, in a massive citadel of white-bearded evil dwarves, scheming drow, and even worse--those weird, masked men who call themselves "The Army of the Dragon". Smoke chokes the air, and your eyes water at the smell of brimstone. You've got to find a way out of here, you may think as you check the manacle around your neck.
You are not alone, as 3 other prisoners are part of this splinter force--among hundreds, even thousands of other servants and slaves, in this underground citadel far from the light of the sun.
You're smarter than this. Stronger than this. One way or another, you've got to find a way out--reforge the rebellion, overthrow the Ironlord of the Duergar, then the 5 Skulls of Polaris--and then that 5-headed bastard himself. Against the Dragon God!

The Not IntroductionHi, Guys!
And welcome to a game I've had brewing for at least 2 weeks. Here's hoping I've got it right!

What I'm hoping for is an RP-heavy, weird PbP game--a mix of pulp fantasy, Heavy Metal album covers, twisted tropes, and a pat of sci-fi butter on top!
Mm, sci-fi butter...

Nonetheless, this game will start as a commoner game, as you'll find ways to become superheroes of this land and start a rebellion! Who knows? Perhaps some strategy may be involved as you create your army...Nonetheless, there are some things I'd like to set up.
Rule of Cool.I kinda go with a MacElroy style of DM-ing--that being, if it's cool, I'll do it! However, I don't expect Mary Sues or anything like that. When things go wrong, it's much more fun!
So, in short, expect a lot of weird hijinks.
Wild, Wild Wasteland.This game will probably be a mix of a lot of stuff--Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Samurai Jack, Discworld (though I've only read the Hogfather, I'm going through the series and I'm growing to love it), The Black Company, and heaping helpings of Fallout. Also, there might be a bit of Usagi Yojimbo sprinkled in there. So sue me.
City-Based At First. I am gonna warn that the first couple of levels--at least until you start your actual class--as you learn the secrets of the city and start planning a way to overthrow it. That's kind of my only restriction--sandbox with hints of plot points the rest of the way through, as long as you don't join the bad guy!
(Not that that's bad, I just think that a "you're on the winning side" thing is kind of boring at early level.)
Who I'm looking for. I'm looking for 4 players (maybe 6 if I like your stuff enough) who like weird stuff (no munchkins or wangrods) and prefer a good tale over anything else!

I hope this piques your interest! Feel free to drop an app!

Game Description:

Hate it when your 5-headed dragon rules the world?
Try Against the Dragon God!
Order Now and We'll throw in a FREE flumph!

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Cool beans, you seem like my kinda guy. I'm digging the idea, the setting, and the GM's demeanor. Sign me up!

Oh man. The Black Company is my freaking favorite.
Well see if I can manage something. It's a rough week, though. :/


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