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Roughing Things Out

This is beautiful work. I'm actually in Beijing, so the Chinese connection is particularly interesting, and I look forward to developing that angle along with you. I have some recent events that your character would definitely know about, although about one thing I am uncertain: is she a Harmonium member or a Cipher?

I need just a little time to come up with a good starting point for this and the other new characters just joining the game.

Originally Posted by Lormador View Post
t one thing I am uncertain: is she a Harmonium member or a Cipher?
I'm uncertain about that too.

I would like to prove that being a Harmonium does not mean being a jerkface asshat. On the gripping hand, I like the Ciphers better. I have been beaucoup busy this weekend. Let me sort things out, and of course, if either one would suit your purpose better then it would have weight upon my decision.

Either the Harmonium or the Ciphers will be fine. It's totally up to you. I'm past the point in one of the modules where the Harmonium would be an awkward choice. You could work in a series of faction alliances, or play a character with conflicting motivations, someone secretly tempted by a different set of beliefs.

I will say that so far in the game none of the 16(!) players has taken any interest in the Ciphers, and even among NPCs they're sort of neglected. I'd love for them to play more of a role in the setting. I have the idea to tie them to the Temple of Nine Swords (which has reformed, to some extent, in Sigil). This place charges obscene tuition, and churns out the variously entitled martial adepts so desperate for paid adventuring work. There are numerous smaller martial centers of course, and the Fortress of Disciplined Enlightenment on Mechanus has made a solid attempt to create an exhaustive library of martial scripts. That's really all I've got for them. I presume the Ciphers would be connected somehow.

For the Harmonium, I've got a lot more developed, as they were part of my original idea for Sigil. A typical Harmonium beat patrol consists in a stone or iron golem, a spellcaster of some sort, an investigator, and 4-5 scrying sensors flying around poking into things. There are laws regarding what they can examine, but they're so complex and ever-shifting that it takes a Guvner in good standing to sort it out. Mostly they look at anything except the rich (who have lawyers to prosecute).

There are also a lot of unaccompanied scrying sensors flying around more or less everywhere, but particularly in the Lady's Ward. There are fewer in the Market Ward and the Clerks Ward, noticeably less in the Lower Ward, and totally absent in the Hive and the Catacombs. What scrying sensors are found there probably don't belong to the Harmonium.

There are plenty of undercover agents as well, as well as individual members. All carry a scrying sensor, with undercover agents concealing it on their person when it might draw unwanted attention. Agents with the deepest cover keep it inside their bodies by various means.

There's a feeling with the Harmonium that this could potentially get out of control and lead to 1984-type scenarios, and the faction is precariously balanced between the gentler souls who believe in limited freedom and the part that is totalitarian in its outlook. No Harmonium would confess to this diversity, however, and so meeting with any senior official is fraught with danger. Re-education is possible. The center is in Excelsior, and anyone but a Hardhead would say it's the only thing keeping the gate town from sliding into Mount Celestia.

I hope that helps.

I am working on things, but since I tend to work in sporadic bursts throughout the day, I rough it out in a different area. Besides, I made enough of a mess of this thread already. Need to organize better. Honestly, I often consider hiring someone like Aurore to straighten out my character ideas. Her pages always look so neat and tidy.

Originally Posted by Lormador View Post
Ciphers, and even among NPCs they're sort of neglected.
Having more freedom to define things for myself is tempting.
Originally Posted by Lormador View Post
I'm past the point in one of the modules where the Harmonium would be an awkward choice.
See, that's the part of Harmonium that sort of draws me. Why is it everyone feels Harmonium have to be played as if they were a huge drag on the game? Even in the most successful Planescape game I was in, our Harmonuim character was just a big freak'n headache which constantly needed to be mollified and worked around. I like the idea that they are firm and even unbending in most ways. The Law is The Law, and it is apparent to me that the Planescape writers were making a D&D version of Judge Dredd when they designed them. A lot of the Planescape material is tongue in cheek tweaks at D&D alignments that I feel people take way out of proportion in order to justify being jackholes.

I am getting off track. I had a point. Something along the lines of "what lawful organization is so fragile that they go on murder rampages if someone calls them a bad name?" or something like that.

Anyways, as you can see I am still conflicted on which is better for me. I am mostly leaning towards Cipher if only because picking a faction on the basis of trying to prove it doesn't start arguments sounds like it might not be the best reason for making a decision on factions.

On either road, the character will be lawful neutral with good tendencies. Generally working towards a better society but there are rules to how a society functions. However I have never considered Lawful as a person who is following any written "law" as declared by society no matter how stupid or inane it may be. If I go Cipher, with a focus on the Zen of combining thought with action, if a Law requires stopping and parsing each sentence to discover it's truth, then it wasn't a law worth paying attention to. Especially as a Cipher, laws should be something which one follows naturally because they follow the path of the universal mind.

Okay, spent nearly half an hour rambling on this and losing my place. I really just meant to say I am working through some stuff and had a busy weekend but hope to be caught up and finished soon.

Do you recall that game we played with the Harmonium werelion who kept wanting to send my druid and the wizardess to jail and threatening us (which was kind of silly since either of us could have had his character for breakfast). The game Micheal ran.

Originally Posted by Aurore View Post
Do you recall that game we played with the Harmonium werelion who kept wanting to send my druid and the wizardess to jail and threatening us (which was kind of silly since either of us could have had his character for breakfast). The game Micheal ran.
That's the one I was talking about. It was there that I decided some day I had to play a Harmonium character that wasn't a jackhole.

You cannot imagine how much trouble I am having not pitching Danyarii for this game. She is my first and favorite Planescape character. But as a rogue, she's awfully close to your character style, and I am not sure if I can scale her back from being an alu-fiend to just a tiefling again. And we already have a Sensate.

She began life as an Indep. Changed to Sensate after escaping from Ravenloft. By the time Micheal's game closed, I was having her act more like a Sensate trying to adapt Cipher philosophy to Sensate. If you are in tune with your senses and can experience your surroundings completely, then you do not need to think about your actions, you simply act. Which was actually more me adapting Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective to the game since we already had multiple people with hard line skills in investigating.

I'm rambling way too much. Got less done today than I wanted. Other than deciding I didn't like Caihong's image I've been using and writing up an intro post done without using names.

Saw some interesting images which may look a bit like your character.

The last one is beautiful :-) The top one kinda matches your appearance description.

The NPCs that Caihong created in her background are causing trouble for other players. Perhaps one day I'll let them know who to thank.


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