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Book of Mis-spells

Singing Sword

Your sword starts to dance and sing in a disconcerting manner, such that it is completely unusable as a weapon.
Synergises with the above Creaking Doom spell.

Witches Healing Brew

Which Healing Brew

Target 1 creature and 2 potions, one of which must be a potion of healing. The creature of the spell no longer realizes which potion is the potion of healing, and must roll a d100 with the percent chance equaling the fraction of total potions used (ie, if 3 potions are used, percent chance is 33%) to guess correctly.

Duration is Concentration, 1 minute. 2nd level. For every spell slot above 2nd that is used, add 1 potion to the number of potions that can be targeted.


Counting Nose

For 1 minute, the target can count the number of beings in a group via smell.
So that's what 1000 orcs smells like.... I think I'm gonna retch


Teller's A Tattle-Tale

The smaller, normally silent member of the magical duo Penn and Teller tells you all. ALL. Everything he's not been able to say in all the years he's been doing the shtick, and everything he's ever thought in that entire time. You may as well sit down, this is going to take a while.

Fires of Purity

Farce of Pure Hitty

Enchants all nearby pro baseball players into believing that their batting averages are all a perfect 1. It's quite an embarrassing display.

Duplicate Self

Fles Etac Ilpud (Flechette Cloud)

A cluster of dart projectiles explode outwards from a cloud summoned in the target area dealing damage. Reflex saves will halve the damage

Diminish Stature

The Mini Statue

You create a tiny, nonmagical wooden statue of the target, accurate down to the last details. Often used for portraits.

Nailed to the Sky

Nel to Skye

Sends target person named Nel to the nearest person named Skye. Travel is in a PERFECTLY straight line.

Range to Nel, touch. Range to Skye, unlimited.

Consuming Hate


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