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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. It is basically unusable due to bugs, but it is out.

I wish for my favorite mods from Kerbal Space Program to stably update to the newest version.

Granted, but a newer version has been released just as you started downloading the mods.

I wish to acquire the upcoming expansion for Crusader Kings 2, Holy Fury, before its release date of November 13th.

Granted, but it is buggy to the point of being unplayable. Shoulda waited for the proper release date!

I wish to remember to move my GD copy of Kerbal Space Program somewhere that Steam can't automatically update it.

Granted. You remember, but you still fail to move it. Steam auto-updates it, and now it's unplayable.

I wish I an auto-updating software package.

Granted. Your constant notifications and server slowdowns prompt any an irate systems administrator to uninstall you for good.

I wish for a full size Snickers bar.

Granted. It's a regular sized Snickers brand candy bar, now stuck in the vending machine between the auger and the glass.

I wish to win the next billion dollar lottery prize.

Granted. Due to a software malfunction, you and 999,999,999 other people all get the same winning number. You each get a share of the prize which, after taxes, makes your portion ~$0.75 US. Because the cost of the ticket is $2.00, you actually end up losing money on this.

I wish we had the lottery in Nevada. I so hate having to drive to CA or AZ just to buy lottery tickets. Oh, sure, we have slot machines in Vegas. But no freaking Powerball or Mega Millions? Le sigh.

Granted, but only the first is actually effective. All others have the exact same effect as normal with no magical effect behind them.

I wish these computers would correctly, properly, and quickly finish their provisioning.

Granted. The desktops are now covered with shortcuts for some useless software package that came with the last GPU driver update called "Pro Vision" or something similar. They cannot be deleted.

I only wish that
The next person replying
Would write in haiku.

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