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1001 things I'm not allowed to do.

104) One character in our current party is now banned from using the Globe of Domination we "borrowed" from some Sharans who were posing as priests of Mystra and the player is also banned from taking any such items in the future.

105) I would not be allowed to use Mage Hand to pinch anyone's backside or cup their testicles if they're male.

106) One of our players is banned from abusing the rules of raising undead.

107) I would not be allowed to keep a chimera as a pet and/or call it Fluffy Kitty.

108) I am not allowed to challenge the Vampire Troll to a drinking game. In his own house. In a one door room. With his cronies about.

109. when serving Vecna I am not allowed to come within 2 days of a city of Pelor.

110) I am not allowed to play an atheist. Especially while playing a cleric.

111) I am not allowed to treat an obvious (and minor) plot-progressing device as a challenge to be overcome, thereby screwing up my fair-minded DM's plans for the gaming session when I succeed.

112)I am not allowed to complete the premade adventure backwards, by finding the secret passage to the Big Bads bedroom.
113)I am not allowed to sneak into the Big Bads Bedroom, kill the Big Bad and then claim the Big Bads Guild/Opperation/Etc for my own.

114) If I am playing a Monk/Caster, I am not allowed to treat acidic grasp as if it is acidic body wash.
114)(a) Especially not if I'm sharing it with my familiar at the same time.

115) My Dracolich is not allowed to have a DC 35 paralyzing touch. (Which is silly because a cheap level 4 spell that everyone should be using anyway makes a handy counter to a handful of feats and a charisma specialization...)
116) He is also not allowed to have Tentacles of Doom.
117) Or a cleric cohort whose deity is said dracolich.
118) He is also not allowed to use feats to buff his racial Dispel Magic ability.

119) I'm not allowed to summon squids, octopi, or other betentacled creatures in the bathtubs of city officials.
120) I'm not allowed to grappling hook my way to the top of the tower, if climbing the inside of said tower is the dungeon.
121) I'm not allowed to play evil clerics
122) I'm not allowed to ignore the +10 maximum enhancement equivalent on weapons, especially ranged weapons
123) When using a deck of many things, my first wish cannot be "to be able to dictate which cards are drawn from a deck of many things"
124) I'm not allowed to use Alter Self to turn my bard into a foul-smelling Troglodyte and expect my social skills to be unaffected.

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