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What's that Videogame?

Oh, I owned this one and sucked at it - the adventure game logic was always just a little to the left of what I was thinking. Being able to mix potions from scratch was fun, but as I recall it made it trivially easy to accidentally make a given chapter unwinnable as you dithered around and used an (unknowingly) vital item as a reagent in a different potion by mistake.

The game is The Legend of Kyrandia 2: the Hand of Fate!

Sticking with the adventure game theme - this one I played the pants off of as a kid and it has a couple of tells that should make it an easy one to guess . . .

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! Though to be honest, I wasn't really certain until I noticed the "grail diary" bit.

It seemed subtler than showing Indy in the full fedora
@Dybrar - you're up!

Too obscure after all, perhaps? Here's a screenshot of a cutscene featuring the game's protagonist in stunning mid-90s CGI.

Bonus hint: outside of Europe, the game was released with a different (and arguably worse) name!

I looked it up so I'm not answering, for a game that sold 500,000 copies, I've never even heard about it til I looked it up.

I got nothin' and normally I can at least throw out a wild guess.

EDIT: Eggshaped head, redish hair,a boat and an ambulatory elephant - something something TinTin, maybe? Like I said, I got nothing.

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