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Sheet Requests, Status, and Issues

@CraziFuzzy If you could provide a link it would help. Right now sheets are being done slowly by Rodrigo on his lunch breaks.

@Colin, @Rodrigo, best source of what we'll call 'final' information was a post a few days ago by Mark Seifter, detailing character generation (including a low-res shot of the final character sheet explanations page from the core rulebook). Should provide an indication of the math they landed on (for TEML, etc).

Experience Builds Character

Obviously with the rules not really 'out' yet, it's hard to make something to call 'final', but i think this might provide enough to get a good solid framework, with the expectation of just a few tweaks being required on final release of the books.

EDIT: I was not necessarily trying to whip anyone into action, just more wanting to know if work is already planned 'in-house', or if someone in the community would need to spear-head getting it up and running.

Hello! Have been using this site to host my sheets for a fair while now and love the Pathfinder one!

Would love it if there was a sheet dedicated to companions like the usual animals, familiars, and (most importantly) Eidolons.


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