Non Sequitur

A place for light-hearted forum games and other threads that don't promote discussion.

Book of Mis-spells

Gnoll-ify Mestik

Instantly turns a stick into a candle (provided that it is held by a gnoll)

Cone of Silence


It's better if you don't know.

Kelgore's Grave Mist

Kelgore's Grave Mistake

Should the target affected by this spell fail their save, they are not only unaware of its existence on their person (unless the use of an Identify spell is made, or a Dispel Magic of a sufficient level is used) but the next time they roll a d20 to perform any form of action, it critically fails and engenders with it a grave consequence. Roll an additional d20 to determine the gravity of this consequence. Should it land on a 1, someone's life is forfeit due to this failure; be it the one who suffered this spell, or someone close to them.

Trap the Soul

Green Spout
You summon a green water spout.

Call Lightning

Call Lighting + Trap the Soul -> Better Call Soul

Calls a greater soul from beyond on a non-verizon network. Great reception, almost no dead air except what's exhaled by the soul you are calling that is.

The Orville's Detect Good Show


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