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No, it's not "system vs system". It's my personal opinion, and I explicitly said "for no gain that I'm able to discern", which is quite different from "for no gain".
I also said that "(t)here are also games that require the same amount of work as PF, but there the gain is something that I can point to, so I'd run those if I'm willing to put in the work".
Maybe to you 3.5/PF is one of those games. I only speak for myself. And using the lighter games is what I'm willing to teach, as per the topic.

It is system vs system if we start debating the relative merits of one system vs another. I'm not saying that your opinion is invalid or even incorrect, just that this probably isn't the place to discuss it (unless it's relevant to this thread which I don't think it is, beyond what's already been said).

Yes please, I had hoped this thread would be to promote some GM mentoring and bringing up new GM's. For the most part I think it has done that. I have no desire for the discussion to degenerate to a system vs system discussion. Thank you Fred for trying to avoid that.

Remember my original post guys. Lets continue to encourage good players that have the potential to be good game masters and try to find them and encourage them to step up and give it a try. As I have stated here and in other discussions on the site, I am willing to help anyone that wants to shadow and learn about "The other side of the screen".
Post your interest here or send me a PM!

Well, it wasn't my intention to go into discussing systems. My whole point is that different systems require more or less work to set up, and it would probably be a good idea to explain what kind of system you're mentoring.
Apologies to anyone who has taken this as a shot at 3.5/PF, but again, I did state that it's not the only system that requires similar amounts of work, just the one that is best known at MW.

yeah my apologies too for getting on my soapbox. I try not to, cayuse I know there are a TON of people who enjoy PF and 3.5. Who am I to...

Well, I helped a new GM get started. He launched his own game in which I am a player and he is doing great, he just needed some guidance for a while but I think he is going to be a good one.

I've had a couple others inquire and ask a few questions but they haven't actually started helping me co GM my game yet. They are just reading so far and asking questions


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