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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. Burial at sea is so refreshing, isn't it?

I wish to be emceeBeatdown's neighbor, so I can have never spoiling pizza.

Granted. You're now in the cell next to his.

I wish for an orange.

Granted. In addition to getting the orange, you are turned into an apple. Oranges and apples don't mix.

I wish I was a banana.

Granted you are thrown from DK's kart and are driven over by TOAD

I wish Smash Bros was available on steam.

Granted. The port is terrible and nobody plays.

I wish to have a good shift tonight.

Granted. BUT YOUR CAPSLOCK BREAKS. So if you FORget to hold your good ShiFT, YOU sounD MAd.

I wish my apartment had more than two 15A electrical circuits.

Granted. It now has fifteen 2A electrical circuits.

I wish for an omelette.

Granted, but you had to break some eggs to make it. Lots of eggs. You're now on the run from a horde of angry chicken farmers, and you don't have time to stop and eat your omelette.

I wish for more time.

Granted. A very distant relative dies and you inherit all his old worthless cuckoo clocks, but at least you have plenty of time.

I wish that UFC dropped all pretense and brought back entertaining gladiatorial combat for the masses with weapons; oh and please do something about Conor McGregor.


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