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Gamma World/ Fallout/ Shadowrun d20 rules

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Gamma World/ Fallout/ Shadowrun d20 rules

Gamma World Meets Shadowrun Meets Fallout - Forum
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I am looking to start a Gamma World game with some changes. Magic exists in the world and parts of the world have a Shadowrun feel. The starting is taken from Fallout, living in a fall out shelter and have to leave it to find out what happen to the outside world.

If more people apply I will take a max of 8 PCs. See game area for rules.

Game Description:

There is a crash and the lights go out. Living in a fall out shelter all your life this has never happen. You have trained for this.
it could be anything, a breach at the gate where they outside world is invading, a power outage where the power plant is down, maybe it's a drill but you don't think so.

You and your 3 neighbors open the doors and look at each other in the glow of the red emergency power lights. You better go find out what's going on....

Looking for crew members in space opera visiting Fading Suns, Shadowrun, Warhammer 40k, d20, Travellers, Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate to name a few systems
HMMM really i would have thought there would be more interested in this ....

Sorry i got distracted with life and watching the punisher series with my wife. Would you be ok with a 'ghoul' concept?

well you would start human and choices in game would open up those sort of options

So still have 2 spots open for this

still looking for a few players, things have turned for the worst as the Vault citizens are mutating into various magical races and it seems 2 of the PCs have the cure pumping through their bodies.

Wrath I will throw something up if you are still looking and are fine with me in both games lol


cool ill work on something now.

Still need another player? I like how you're running the 'Space Adventure', and I've been a fan/player of Gamma World and Fallout since their first iterations.

And if so, what general type of PC role does the existing party need? I.E.: Smart, Charismatic, Tough, etc.

Well we got an Officer, a fix it lady, and a medic( smart tough and smart i think) its a much slower posting rate( a few times a week)


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