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It's Disgaea 5 in PbP form, dood!

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It's Disgaea 5 in PbP form, dood!

Alliance of Vengeance - Forum

Night Scoop

I'm here to welcome you all, my loyal peons, to the new exciting Pathfinder game, "Seraphina's high school passion"! As the new year kicks off and all male students are mesmerized by my extraordinary beauty, only one can overcome the competition and claim my heart: the greatest battle royal of all times, with my affection at stake, is about to begin!

So what are you waiting for? Enroll today and join the fray: this is your ultimate occasion to rise up to the challenge, and win the heart of the most beautiful-

*checks notes*

Wait, this isn't right. Seraphina, what in the world are you doing? You're just a supporting character in this one, stop trying to make everything about yourself. And what with the corny high school romance set-up?

C-corny? High school romance is the peak of a maiden's heart! And besides, me being in this game only as a supporting character is simply preposterous: I demand to talk to-

Ok ok, you've said your piece, away with you.

Sorry about that everyone, and welcome to my latest game idea, the first under my new nickname Tears of Tomorrow! As you've probably guessed by now, the goal of this game is to create a sufficiently faithful PbP adaptation of a popular JRPG, Disgaea 5 in this case, similarly to what I've done in the past with Falcom's gems Trails in the Sky and Trails of Cold Steel. Please note that you don't need any actual knowledge of the source material: this is meant to be a fun, enjoyable PbP Pathfinder experience, only with Disgaea's plot points, mechanics and unique brand of humor thrown into the mix. If you do know the game, you'll enjoy the million ways in which this rendition will set itself apart from the source material so as to accomodate for the players and their stories, while if you don't know the game, then it's all the more reason to join in and experience first-hand what the true Disgaea experience is all about!

Applications will remain open for 2 weeks, closing on saturday, march the 30th so that I can announce my selection on sunday the 31st. I'll be looking for three characters: the idea is that, in our version of the story, canon characters Killia, Red Magnus and Usalia will simply not exist, and the three chosen PCs, whom you're free to build however you want in terms of both fluff and crunch, will be taking their places. The basic premise of the story is that a disturbingly devious demonic dictator, by the name of Void Dark, is overthrowing overlord after overlord, and conquering netherworld after netherworld. The three players are former overlords in their own right, who fell victim to Void Dark and lost everything as a result: they thus decided to band together and seek vengeance against him. As the story starts, you will meet Seraphina, your benefactor, main quest-giver, and owner of the pocket dimension that will act as your hub for the whole campaign: forge strong bonds among yourselves and with her, get more characters to lend their power to your cause, abuse mechanics, have fun with zany sidequests, and claim your revenge at last!

Info an rules on character creation here. Additional info in terms of both mechanics and fluff of the setting are scattered all over the game's forum, but especially important topics to read are this one, this one and this one. As a side note yes, we're using Spheres, but don't worry if you're not that familiar with the system: I myself figured it out only recently, and I'll gladly help you do the same!

So what are you waiting for? If you like over the top combat, zany antics, self-aware humor and surprisingly deep, psychological plot, and most importantly if you want YOUR creation, with YOUR ideas and YOUR plot hooks, to dictate that deep psychological plot, then this is the game for you. The only thing that I require is that you only join the game if you're absolutely sure you can stick with it: as mentioned, plot hooks created specifically for the characters, and intimately connected to their personalities and backstories, are going to be the main focus of the game, so yeah, by abruptly quitting you could cause some serious damage. I implore that you carefully think about this before applying.

That said, applications are officially open: come one come all!

Game Description:

A game based on what may very well be my favorite installment in the Disgaea series (after the original one, of course).

My lung condition is getting worse. I'll try my hardest to not die on you guys, but at this point I make no promises. For all it's worth, when making posts and interacting with people I'll endeavor to act normally, I'll thank you to do the same.
Nin Nin Nin !

I havent played Disgaea is forever. I might need to have a peek at this. I need something completely zany right now.

This looks like it will be a fun game, probably.

Almost forgot: are you a DM? Do you have experience with Spheres? Are you open-minded towards zany, wacky concepts like the one in this game? If so, please PM me: for a while now I've been looking for someone to run a certain game for me... And if you were to accept to do so, you could earn yourself a guaranteed spot in this game!

Monday bump!

Hot damn I'd love to play in this, but I'm a bit too busy to pick up a game and run one at the same time right now. It okay if I apply as a reader?

Tears has been dealing with some serious medical issues and has had to put all of her games on hold. I don’t know what her plans are regarding this one but I would not get my hopes up.

Come on, dood. Let her have a little fun.

Yeah, my conditions took a turn for the worse immediately after starting this project, but I'm feeling a bit better these days: once I fully return to activity, I'll be looking to restart the application process here.


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