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Random Posts and Ads at the bottom of user cp

Random Posts and Ads at the bottom of user cp

My Browser Information: Samsung S7 - Android 8.0.0 :: Chrome Browser 74.0.3729.157

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Okay so - wierd thing. My user cp is showing ads at the bottom ++ sometimes random posts from the site. See attached
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Restarted phone and cleared cache.... its spreading

EDIT: Tried an incognito tab on my phone - still shows up on mobile. Disappears when in desktop mode
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My Browser Information: Chrome 74.0.3729.169

Message: Switched to Desktop chrome browser as an example

Zoomed out so the bottom could be seen - no ads/
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Okay it does it on every page on mobile
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Chrome Browser 74.0.3729.157 on Android 9.

Ads only show through viewing the site via mobile. If you switch to view as desktop, the ads are gone again.

Gotta love when Weavers start troubleshooting to dump a list of what has and hasn't been tried! Related to recent code changes where the ads are concerned, Rodrigo will get on it soon.

I guess it isn't a "problem" - it is very wierd - it makes my pages two times as long on mobile causing me to scroll into an ads only page and have to scroll back up to view things.

Loads about 5 secs after the page does so it causes some jumpiness

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