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Game Advert Title

Game Advert Title Blues

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Message: How do you get a punctuation mark into the title of a game advert? I see others with them, and the says:

Invalid title. It be shorter than 39 characters, must start with a letter, and can contain only letters, numbers, and these characters : & . ' !
message that comes up when I enter something not allowed indicates that at least an exclamation point is permitted.

Actually, I see ads with question marks and parenthesis, and dashes, all of which the warning suggests aren't allowed, but whenever I put in an exclamation point, it seems to get stripped out....

I also tried:

Acq Inc: Start Your Own Franchise!


Acq Inc. Start Your Own Franchise!

Both of which were rejected out of hand with the error message above despite not seeming to be too long or having forbidden characters.

I tried all of these in the Edge browser as well with the same results.

I'm able to get the first alternative working, but without the exclamation mark which it is chopping off. @Rodrigo, I may be missing something but I think this is in your court.

For clarity, that's the "Game Name" rather than the "Game Advert Title". The latter is thread-based and can have just about any punctuation imaginable.

The "allowed" punctuation list for game names doesn't appear to be working correctly, because I've been having to turn back game change requests containing periods for years now

I could have sworn exclamation marks were still fair game, but I’ve also been known to miss things.

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