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What is the "NPC Repository"?

What is the "NPC Repository"?

So when looking at the settings for a character sheet, the option presents itself to "Publish character name to the NPC Repository".

Where is this "NPC Repository"? A google search returns only a feature suggestion thread from 4 years ago describing a location where you could upload and view created characters. This seems like it would be fun to use if it ended up being implemented. Otherwise, where are these character sheets getting published to?

NPC repository is a place that was designed to store NPCs so that if other people wanted to use them for their campaign they could. With a repository they could store characters from any gaming system, unlike the generator which can only make 3.5 e NPCs.

This repository is probably still under construction due to the amount of work it would require too get done, but they can start storing names now.

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