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What site hosts the ads that appear on Myth Weavers?

What site hosts the ads that appear on Myth Weavers?

Message: I have no issue experiencing ads that actually correlate to the things that I'm likely to buy, and I'm sure that the company that is offering advertising banners to MW would be happy to show me ads that are more in-line with things that I might actually be clicking on. However, by changing my Google ad settings, the ads here are still very odd. So, I'm really just asking who is buying ad exposure from MW. That way, I can go to them and possibly customize the sorts of ads I'm likely to see.

Like, all the dating banners? I've been "off the market" so to speak, for a long time. I'd much rather not get images of half-naked women from the dating banners while I'm here on the weave. I'm happy for MW to get the ad revenue, but it's better for everyone if the ads are more tailored to what I want to see.

So, my question: What advertiser does this site use?

As stated in the Privacy Policy, Mythweavers use Google Adsense and Amazon.

I completely agree on the ads, I have no issues seeing them, but make them more applicable. The amount of dating sites I have been seeing is insane and will never click one.

For that matter, for those of us who have products that we know would market well specifically to the MW audience (as an example, I'm working on a video game), is there a way to specifically advertise with MW directly? Skip the middleman?

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