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Soon to Assemble the PARTY!

You say it's a Paladin triple threat, but my character's name is Shem Crouton and I just don't see anybody else trumping that.

He won't be the holy stick-in-the-mud, "Lawful Stupid" type for the record - I chose for him to follow Ragathiel because he can accept that things get a little rough or a little dirty from time to time. The "lawful" bit is a muddy area for Ragathiel and Shem can make pragmatic tactical decisions. His armor doesn't shine so brightly that he's above a preemptive attack or an ambush. Can he be the party Face? Yes, although I think he's more the even-keeled voice of reason who speaks up in important situations and commands respect due, but prefers to let his chattier friends do most of the talking.

Official descisions

This was rough but at the end of the day I am Looking for a party of 6. As you all know two ave been taken. So for the official list I have come to the party team up.

Renko the Cat rogue and Shroud the human wizard.

Illyana Wilds Played by @Landid.
This was a tough one to make. However The more I read down the books Cyrdak Drokkus Only gets little rp action and little to what he dose overall. I don't want you to feel as though you want that path and it hits a wall I feel bad as GM and for Floian. However if there are two things I will say Florin is an awesome character but if you wanted to play him to his fullest there is a modulate where Cyrdak Has a bigger role and better for the performer he is Also Instead of Oracle (No judgement on my end) I would have seen him as a true bard . Plus a second trap finder brings more to the table.

The fourth slot I would l like to announce is Kane Callahan played by @CaptainFord
This was a pain in the ass between the two. But I have plenty of martial fighters to pick from as is and I see him being a useful Support/Secondary healer. Elemir Is an awesome character, however it really came down to who had the better survival. It is huge vs the amount of shit this game throws. 1 point means the difference in life/death to the party.

As far as number 5 Goes I have to really look at who brings more to the table overall and I do see each of them can pull in leadership. However when I view a paladin I see a holy warrior. An individual who sees to find the best way to deal with a situation and still holds a moral ground and connection to their god/goddess. However if it is to command respect that is not the way to go. Respect is earned among the party. For that I announce Kuros Starshield played by @Kuri_kun. Do not give up hope Fellow Paladins!

Finally this one was a tough one. It came down to debuffs vs Raw Power! One has skills the other had feats. One had stradegy the other had rage. I look at this to see down the line to see who would be beneficial more on the long haul. When the real bigger battles came down to it. As is my own experience both as Player/GM Yes debuffs amazing. But if there is something that can kill you faster then you spending time to do that. You end up dead. The final slot goes to Bannor Vydok played by @highpack

Applicant's! Those who have not been picked. Send me a request to read. There maybe play still for them. I will put those not chosen in another folder now. If in the case something dose happen be vigilant! 1st level characters death can come very early! Players I will get the game started after this post. Report for duty For Book 1!

@tparks @zallen

Thank you for the application. You do have a reader's invite if you are interested. Gives you a better chance to keep an eye in case the dice gods are not with them. You could get a PM from muah! as to other applicant's who did not make it into main game

Glad to be along for the ride! Thanks for picking me!


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