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Kael Millair, Heaven's Bastard


Hey, I was looking through our team's character sheets to get an idea of what everyone does mechanically (so metagaming, I guess) and I think you've got your weapon stats off. You only have two levels of UC Rogue, so you get Weapon Finesse for your Whip and Sword Cane, but you don't get Dex to Damage for anything so you're still using your STR for that. And Whips deal nonlethal damage - though if you're using them to trip or conduct touch spells it doesn't matter.

Yeah you need the third level of Rogue to get Dex Damage for 1 weapon - I need it cause I'm a small character and Rogues are crap for damage to begin with, so I just decided to go full Rogue myself.

You get used to having Feat Tax or Deadly Agility available.


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