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Taking Up the Mantle

Which nets a gentle nose boop.
"Boop! Outta town, dating, and no. But yeah, sorry, gotta get going, duty calls. Respect your security guards, they just want to do their jobs, everybody."
Extending a thumbs up to the guards, Chitin extends her legs well above the crowd, then shoots an arm out to begin swinging around and get a bird's eye view. Though she does reach out over comms.
"Never over until it's over, Jason. They were outside already, keep an eye open."
(To be fair, it made sense that if the item was outside, the perp would likely be out there too and bailing)

"They were outside even before we got involved in that pile of bull. How did you track it to the street? Do you still know where it's at, roughly?"

"yeah..maybe..or maybe..no? like maaaybe it was just like a surprise treasure hunt and dont know... the thief left clues all around for us to follow, but we missed them, like you know..an adventure, without dangers, hypothetically, but now things got out of hand...with the police and all"

"maybe it's not a thief...thief...just someone who repositioned an object he didnt own, that sound less bad" maybe there is a good reason for why Jason feel guilty, maaaybe.

"you know, i could just make a copy of that replica, i'm familiar with Captain's shield, i could leave it around to be found...nobody will notice the difference, everyone will be happy, no need to keep chasing the white whale"

"...Jason, really? That explains the part where it got out of the case from the inside and why it kept disappearing, but really?"

"...mmm no? no, of course, no, someone else, not me...the teachers would slowly roast me alive... it's an hypothesis, maybe it's something else, maybe a wizard did it" awful liar, it's shocking how long he has been able to go without getting spotted, nobody has asked him anything, but even Jason has to deal with the sense of guilt.

Looking toward the comic-con "nobody got hurt so...all's well that ends well..." he attempt a weak smile

"Besides roughed up security guards and the guy you bonked with a trash can, anyway. Look, next time, enjoy the day, don't stage crimes. You want to have a scavenger hunt, you look up stuff being given away and make them the goals since you have to try and get there before everyone else. Don't take things and hide them. Just a good thing Cap was too busy to come to this one."

Katrina can't help but roll her eyes. While it certainly had been a trying day, it was still interesting. She walks over to Jason and gives him a weak punch in the arm

"That's for screwing with us all day." She eyes him with a serious look before closing her eyes. As she turns to walk away, Katrina spins back around and gives him a kiss on the lips right there in front of everyone. She looks back up at his reddening face.

"But that serves as both a thank you for a memorable day and as a punishment for your stunt." With a wink she turns back and decides to view some of the stands before the group leaves back for the academy.

"Soon as it goes back I plan on enjoying the rest of the con."
Which gets a small cheer from above as Chitin swings by.

He cant exactly remember if Rhino or Master's said that crime doesnt pay, today Jason disagree, while not a crime in his view it is something questionable and not only he got out clean, but Jenn and Katrina reactions are much better than expected.

The momentary embarrassment for the public kiss is truly a minor punishment(and he got a kiss so, who's going to complain?)

He doesnt admit anything, knowing well the difference between suspecting something and actually proving it.

"exibitionist..." he grunt at Chitin but then smile.

Luke smiled as Chitin swung past them. "I should have picked an outfit that glowed yellow so I could join your fun up there. If they thought it was show, maybe nobody would recognize me. Hmm, I wonder if yellow over green would be an ugly color..."


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