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Sailors on the Silver Sea: An Astral Adventure

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Sailors on the Silver Sea: An Astral Adventure

Until the Sea Shall Free Them - Forum
Dungeon World

...and when he knew for certain
Only drowning men could hear him,
He said "All men will be sailors, then!
Until the sea shall free them..."

Hi, folks!

I've been running a Dungeon World game set in the D&D Astral Sea for a little while now. It's been great, but we've had two players drop out due to real-life concerns, so we're recruiting two players. Now's your chance, whether you've wanted to try Dungeon World, been nostalgic for Planescape, or just think that an endless silver sea full of ancient ruins and mysterious islands sounds cool.

You don't need to be particularly familiar with the setting. Here are the basics: people in your typical D&D worlds have their souls go to the Astral Plane as they die, where if they're lucky they wake up inside the dominion of whatever deity they worshipped. If they're not lucky, they wake up outside it, locked out of it and unable to enter, and have to make their own afterlife out in the Astral.
These dominions are like bubbles or islands in the Astral Sea, and they are some of the biggest established locations in the Astral, though by no means the only ones.
The Astral Sea stretches on forever, and the further you go, the less stuff you encounter, and the stranger that stuff is.

The current players have a stolen Githyanki battle-skiff, the Lich Queen's Grasp, and a small crew of unlikely personages whom they rescued from galley-slavery. They just finished up a treasure-pilfering mission that didn't go nearly as well as they hoped, and they're currently making a stop at Ioun's Archive of Obsolete Knowledge, a small mote in the Deep Astral.

If you're interested in joining up, feel free to work up a character concept. Tell me how long you've been dead (and therefore roaming the Astral) and a little about who you are and why you're chossing to sail the dangerous Deep Astral rather than making a new life for yourself in a divine dominion, border island, or Astral city.

Wake: the silver dusk returning
Up the beach of darkness brims,
And the ship of sunrise burning
Strands upon the eastern rims.

Wake: the vaulted shadow shatters,
Trampled to the floor it spanned,
And the tent of night in tatters
Straws the sky-pavilioned land.

Up, lad, up, 'tis late for lying:
Hear the drums of morning play;
Hark, the empty highways crying
"Who'll beyond the hills away?"

This is my first time running Dungeon World, but now that I've been running this game for a while, I've got a pretty good grasp on the feedback loop at the heart of the game and feel more than comfortable running it via PbP.

For setting inspiration, I'd recommend the (really excellent) D&D 4E The Plane Above book on the Astral for the basics, and the various AD&D 2E Planescape material for strange specifics.

Game Description:

The Deep Astral stretches out into endless nothing, a silver sea full of cold stars and shifting colors. It is dotted with ruined dominions, ancient towers, islands haunting and haunted, mysteries more final than death has turned out to be.
Endless, far from the thriving dominions of the gods, far from the merchant outposts, far from everything, close to the numinous--the far corners of the Silver Sea are not a predictable place, nor a safe one. Astral skiffs and stranger craft sail into it, and sometimes they bring back wealth and wonder and power, and sometimes they bring back stories and glory and knowledge, and sometimes they do not return.

A woman may find her grief in the Silver Sea, or leave it behind there. A man may go chasing his heart's desire, and leave his heart behind. A crew may come back with a hold full of wealth, or hearts full of beauty, or minds full of strange and senseless songs that push them, guide them, change them.

You, sailor, feel the pull of the Sea like a silver cord tied to your soul. No careful, profit-counting merchant, you: you've thrown caution to the wyrd-winds that fill your craft's sails and gone out to see sights even the gods haven't laid eyes on.

Are you new to the shifting currents and uncharted islands of the Deep Astral?
Are you a seasoned sailor, with successful voyages after your belt, wise enough to survive but foolish enough to return?
Are you one who has lost something to the Deep, or are you lost to it?
Are you searching for something, or leaving something--or everything--behind?

Do you sail seeking power, seeking knowledge, seeking peace, seeking freedom?

Welcome, Sailor! The Silver Sea awaits!

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It's nice to see so much interest in the setting!

Originally Posted by Benijar View Post
Hey there! I'd love to play in this game, as it looks particularly interesting with the fact that we're all already dead. That, combined with your beautiful description of the Astral Sea, has me intrigued. I should note, however, that I am new to Myth-weavers, so apologies if I make any basic mistakes in regards to how to do certain things or general etiquette. I have a character concept, but if it would not fit then I would absolutely be able to make another:

"Halwyr is an elf with some particularly notable magical abilities.
Was. He was still getting used to that.
Halwyr was an elf with some particularly notable magical abilities. He knew things that others didn't, he thinks, and he likely knew how to use that to the best of his ability. He was book smart, probably, but he does know this: he hates having to use such unclear terms to describe his life.
How is it that he can tell a person the exact amount of scales on a new-born wyrm (182), or correct them when they claim that a Worg's claws never grow back (they will, given a high enough calcium diet, even though such circumstances are unlikely in the wild), yet not be able to recall the faces of his parents? Or their names?
How was it that everyone else he had encountered so far was able to tell him every last detail about his life, but he could not conjure up even one?
It was a sad irony, to be able to recall a fact but not recall where it was from.
It was almost like a form of torture, or a particularly convoluted riddle. He had appeared in the afterlife and what was supposed to be paradise, but unable to access the thing he valued most. He couldn't live with it, despite how hard he tried. Halwyr knew he was in for an eternity of imprecisions, and there was nothing he could do about it if he stayed where he was and pretended to be happy.
Therefore, after a month and a day of unlife, Halwyr found himself standing on the edge of the territory he appeared in and ready to leave with his gear in his pack. The first step outside of the relative safety of the bubble was liberating, but this didn't distract him from the goal at hand: to figure out his past."

Halwyr is an elven wizard who lost his memories upon death. He doesn't know how he died, or when, or how old he was. He can still remember objective facts, such as the capitals of certain kingdoms, but he can't remember anything relating to his personal life. His goal is to try and rediscover these memories and what took them away from him. He looks fairly young, as though he were in his twenties, with black, slicked back hair and stylish robes.
I don't mind this as a general concept, although I'll want to have some back-and-forth about exactly what about amnesia you want to explore. There's several ways to handle it well and they're somewhat different from each other.

Are you looking to play someone who stays a complete blank slate and adapts to it, are you looking to take whatever I throw at you and roll with you, or are you looking to have your own 'flashbacks' and fill in some blanks as you go?

Feel free to visit the game forum and make a thread in the character creation forum; you can copy someone else's template by quoting it and redo the links, numbers, text, etc.

I don't have anything against a new-to-the-site player, either, although ideally you'll want to be sure that you can dedicate a little bit of time every day or two to read and post for the foreseeable future.

I may be interested, as I've wanted to try Dungeon World for a while. Anything specifically disallowed? How would you describe the tone you're looking for?

Originally Posted by VennDygrem View Post
I may be interested, as I've wanted to try Dungeon World for a while. Anything specifically disallowed? How would you describe the tone you're looking for?
The Fighter playbook is disallowed. I'm open to well-constructed third party classes/playbooks I have access to.
The game is pretty atmospheric and about uncovering lost things and exploring the unknown. I'd take a quick look at the first couple and/or last couple of pages of the game thread. It's definitely not a plain old dungeon crawl; it's more about unusual places and situations.

Originally Posted by greenvoid View Post
Hi. I'm interested in trying out DW, I have no experience with it. Is recruitment still open?
Recruitment is still open, though not for too much longer.

Originally Posted by greenvoid View Post
Hi. I'm interested in trying out DW, I have no experience with it. Is recruitment still open?
Recruitment is still open, though not for too much longer.

You don't need to know a whole lot to try Dungeon World as a player; the GM does most of the lifting and all the rolls are 2d6+stat. has the rules you'll need. If the atmosphere of the game/ad is appealing, I encourage you to throw your hat in the ring.

I found this with truckloads of playbooks, some paid, some free, some pwyw. I'll have a look around there.


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