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Heroic Tier Game -- Live Roll20 Game -- Rapid Advancement

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Heroic Tier Game -- Live Roll20 Game -- Rapid Advancement

Haunted By Trolls and Flashbacks - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e

This is your chance to play a 4e Heroic Campaign in the Forgotten Realms and take one or a few characters from level 1 to level 10 over the course of about 1 year.

We'll play 3-4 hour sessions using teleconferencing + roll20 every 2-4 weeks (schedule to be determined as part of the application process).

Each session will be an isolated vignette from the long story of the characters lives. We will try to wrap up each vingnette during the session (which will mean hand waving a lot of the traditional slow paced parts of games).

Between these sessions we'll role play "downtime" on PbP and you can swap out characters if you want. Expect to level up every 1-3 sessions.

This game is intended to be the antidote to the slow slog of PbP. The structure is encouraged to free us up to unabashedly enjoy the tactical aspect of the 4e system. I might throw in a few skill challenges but my expectation is to mostly do "high point" battle scenes. We can do some light storytelling role play during the down time between sessions but the soul will be on the game board and power deployment tactics.

Note that this was originally conceived to be "flashbacks" into the back stories of the characters in a paragon tier campaign that i'll be running in traditional PbP fashion at the same time (in our world) and in the same story universe as our campaign. If you are up for participating in that campaign as well you are more than welcome. In fact you would make me very very happy. Check out the paragon tier ad.

Anyway -- that's the idea. If it is interesting please put your hat in the ring!

Applications go in the Heroic Tier Life Application Thread Group. Check in, chat OOC, and ask any questions you might have in the application question thread.

Game Description:

This is a Heroic and Paragon Tier 4e Game. This game has two parts one taking place in heroic tier and another part in paragon tiers. You may apply to one or both.

Paragon Campaign DescriptionIn the swamps and forests east of the the town of Moonstair a threat is growing. Trolls and other monstorous humanoids are massing under the banner of a new king. If heroes are not found, and soon, Moonstair could just be the first of many settlements that the new king of the Trollhaunt will have to crush in order to carve out the resources and territory his new nation needs to survive.

We'll run the main thread in traditional PbP fashion here on the weave using the game forum and will mostly follow the plot outlined in the module: King of the Trollhaunt Warrens by Richard Baker and Logan Bonner. Characters will be 11th level for this.

Posting frequency: I expect players to post every few days to keep the game moving.

Heroic Campaign DescriptionThis game is a series of flashbacks revealing the history of a parties adventures that took them across the realms of Faerun and from neophytes to champions. This game will take place in the form of isolated encounters taking place between level 1 and level 10. You can take one character through the whole arc or try out several.

We'll use the weave for characters, OOC chat, tracking equipment and advancements, narrating "the space between flashbacks", a game log (for us to remember what happened), and organizing the sessions. The main role play will happen using a teleconferencing + game table set up. I'm open to a variety of teleconferencing solutions (google hangouts or similar) and plan to use roll20 for the game table.

These will be encounters drawn from dungeon delve, other modules, and perhaps a homebrew encounter or two. Characters will start at level 1. Please post one or two characters. You'll have the chance to swap out characters quite freely in this part of the game (we assume time passes between flashbacks and the party composition might change).

You don't need to be able to do all the flashbacks -- life happens and this is just a game -- but of course I hope you'll only apply if you do care about this game and will make a reasonable effort to participate. I'm thinking weekends but this can be discussed. I am on california time.

Rules for both gamesMostly very standard 4e rules. I have the essentials books but please expect that I will be using the basic rules (+errata). If you have a question on how we are going to handle something, just ask.

Also, in both the live and PbP parts of the game I'll generally be using the streamlined skill challenge rules used by Rodrigo D. Lopez in the podcast "Critical Hit" http://majorspoilers.com/category/critical-hit/. I'll provide details for those not familiar.
Character Generation
Pretty straightforward.

Stats: Please generate starting stats using the standard 22 point buy.
Gold: For the heroic tier just use the usual level 1 gold rules. For the level 11 build generate gold and equipment using the standard formulas provided in the game books (free 12, 11, 10 items + 9000 gold).
Other stuff: Backgrounds are ok. Themes are ok. Hybrids are ok. No essentials classes, please. No evil or party-undermining characters, please. Go ahead and take one free expertise feat.

Ask if you have any questions. Please provide the usual backstory, description, and such.
ApplicationsI will create two aplication thread groups -- one for heroic tier characters and another for paragon tier characters. Applications should go in the appropriate thread group. Check in on the OOC thead and then create a thread for your character.

Applications due for both sides of the game: Feb 2

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the deadline for this is Feb 2.. this is an unusual game here on the weave. Check it out if you want to play 4e characacters from level 1-10 in live sessions over the course of about 1 year.

unfortunately I can't do live games, and 4e isn't completely my forte but thanks for the mention. I know there are people here who want 4e

Folks, we have a lot of applications for the paragon PbP but only two apps in so far for the Heroic tier game. Putting together a 1st level character is easy .. so if you are sitting on the sidelines thinking about applying, please do!

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