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Runelords on the Rise : Burnt Offerings

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Runelords on the Rise : Burnt Offerings

RotR 01: Burnt Offerings - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

This is a First Level Game using the Pathfinder System. You can either use their published books or the Pathfinder SRD for game mechanics.

Applications Close on the 15th of October
Expected Game Start on the 20th of October

As Pathfinder is designed to co-exist with the standard 3.5 system; I will accept non-standard classes from 3.5 supplements if someone has a really, really, really good pitch. I am unfond of some of the more outlandish OGL creations but I myself can cherry pick through some of the feats and classes and find things I like. So long as it does not seem like munchkinisim then give it a go. Also, if there is already a Pathfinder System Class that has the same function, that is what you should use. No 'tome' character classes; from what I have seen of those they are just cribbing notes from Pathfinder anyways. Anything with the words "Dread", "Exalted" or "Vile" in their title are highly suspect.

I feel that the Summoner Class is over powered, particularly at lower levels. And at higher levels just requires too much paperwork.

I feel that the Alchemist Class has potential that has been ruined by too many people trying to play one as if it were Crazy Harry from the Muppets.

As such, I will not accept characters from either of these classes.

A completed character sheet is not required at this time. You can make them, I just do not require them yet.
Having a good feel for your character is more important to me than the game mechanics at this time.



I have two returning players from my previous attempt to GM a game here that are going to be joining in.
I will be accepting Six More.

Character Building Game Mechanics (Because Even When It Is Said They Are Not Needed, Everyone Does It Anyways)

I own the Basic Books and a couple of the PDFs. If for some reason we have a disagreement about what something is supposed to be, check and see if you are using a later printing and let me know if my information is out of date.

Has Anyone Not Seen My Rants Against Random Character Stats?
Character Attributes : Point Build
High Fantasy 25 Points.

Pick Two Traits.
One Must Be From This List
To Reiterate Because Some People Seem To Not Be Clear
You Must Choose One Trait from the "Adventure Path" Traits
The Point of Which is to Make a Connection Between Your Character and the Campaign.

First Level
Maximum Money
Maximum Hit Points

There seems to be some confusion, which is sadly the typical confusion for D&D Games and the idea of an Evil Alignment.
Psychopaths are not evil. Sociopaths are not evil. Serial Killers are not evil.
None of those things are evil. They are mentally handicapped.

I am not forbidding evil aligned characters. But they had better be well written with the intent to show how well they can become part of the group and trusted by the other players.

I have made some changes to the Planetouched because it appears I have had a blind spot about something for several years.
Originally Posted by Luneleck View Post
Will you be using the hero points system?
I am not at this time considering the use of Hero Points. They are most often used in combat and those parts of the thread become muddled enough as it is. Suddenly jumping initiative is especially awkward. I reserve the right to introduce them at a later date if things work smoothly enough or they seem like a fun addition. Please do not base character classes or choices on the availability or non-availability of Hero Points.

For Those Who Want To Post Interest in This Thread and Help Keep it Visible

In This Thread Post for Me

Class and/or Role
Campaign Specific Trait you think you might choose. (You're Not Committed : The One You Thinking About)

Game Description:

Rise of the Runelords : Part Two : The Skinsaw Man
Murders in Sandpoint. Your name spelled in the blood of the victims. Now you face the Skinsaw Man in his lair, a moldy manor house, wrapped in storm and fog and teetering on the edge of a cliff.

I felt the knife in my hand
She laughed no more
~ Tom Jones "Delilah"

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RT, please let me know if there is anything wrong with my submission.

I plan on Milo being a fighter but if I'm willing for him to be a ranger or rogue if it suits party balance more.

Originally Posted by Roughtrade View Post

I thought he was talking about some sort of class called "Dreamscarred"

Never paid attention to who was the 3rd Party Publisher for the Psionics.
Yea. I was referring to Psionics Unleashed and Psionics Expanded (The latter unfortunately is not in the SRD). Will you consider them both or only the one coming from the SRD?

(Note I m interested in a Psion - which is in the srd - but PE has Psionic Talents and traits. I can do without them if it's too much trouble.)

I've heard a lot of good things about Rise of the Runelords, and I think I'd like to give it a shot. Here's what I'm thinking:

Name: Rhionda Charmont
Race: Human
Class/Role: Cleric of Gorum (AKA Beatstick)
Campaign Trait Under Consideration: Friends with Ameiko Kaijutsu

I would plan to play her as a member of a reformist Gorumite sect with two differing beliefs: one, that it takes more strength to protect someone or something from all comers than it does to simply destroy it; and two, that everyone should be given the opportunity to stand on their own two feet.

Basically, a cheerful brute that protects the weak so they can become strong.

I am uncertain how much debating has been going on in the thread about LA+ Races. Damn site is acting cranky and it took me almost fifteen minutes just to open two threads. I would like to take any more debate about LA Races to an OOC-ish thread in the game forums so it does not become a big thing here.

And if it has already been dropped by everyone... well.. apologies for this message then. But this thread has grown a couple pages since last night and I've got kids to get breakfast for so I can't wait around while the Weave decides if it is going to open a page for me or not.

Talk to ya's later.

Oh, and since this was requested:

Name: Milo Lebbick.
Race: Human.
Class: Fighter and Tank.
Campaign Traits: Gressel Tenniwar. Also Goblin Watcher or, less likely, Scholar of the Ancients.

The concept and personality I've devised for Milo will work equally well for a ranger or rogue, if no one makes such a character and I view the lack to be a critical one.

I would be interested in playing as well. From what I heard there is an equal amount of role/roll play in "Burnt Offerings". I will see whats posted app. wise and build to fill a spot.

It seems more apps have been added since my initial post of interest. Are you opposed to the Magus class? I had saw a note somewhere there you don't want a "lackwit thug" or well I can't remember the other one but something about a mage who can't a hit. So I thought a magus might split the difference. Honestly, I've never played one and thought it might work. If the class isn't allowed I would like to go with a rogue.

Posting from my Phone

Appears the net is down in my area. Dunno why but have low expectations of being fixed on a Sunday in any timely sort of fashion. Hate typing with a stylus so this may be short and the last post until things are fixed.

Plane Touched
Apparently I've had a blind spot about the issue. Exacerbated by Pazio publishing an Adventure Path that specifically cites how to make Planetouched characters more in line with the other races. I have a some reservations about the issue, but currently am going to fall on the side of 'For the Player' and trust that it will not release a deluge of Drow, Tieflings and Changlings into the application que.

Short Answer : Currently allowed as SRD states, ignore my House Rule Thread on Planetouched.

Allowed as in SRD. Rules/Abilities outside the SRD need to be available to me somewhere so I can see them. If Dreamscar has an official link somewhere, that's fine. I am pretty sure that the ToS here forbids you from printing them out wholesale, so please do not try. My only warning is that the area of Varasia has no '
The Campaign Setting does not mention them and the Adventure Path does not use them. I can modify, but for all intents and purposes your Psi is going to be without a support structure and Psi 'magic' items are going to only exist if I put them in
native' psionic creatures.

If you're okay with being an odd duck in the world, go with it. Feel free to put in a small, hidden, enclave somewhere in your background. Or maybe they hide in plain sight in the larger cities. I can work with you on fitting them into the setting. Just don't try to append massive changes like a city of nothing but psychics.

Characters So Far
Through Posts and PMs I'm seeing a lot of Shoanti half breeds. Nothing against it, just saying if you wanted to be rare or the 'only one' you may be disappointed. Strangely, none of them want connections with Belor, the most important Shoanti in town. Even stranger, the only Barbarian I have seen so far is not Shoanti.

I have not yet seen a character that I would disallow completely.

Magus is fine

Internet trouble sucks. I hate trying to post to MW with my phone, so I feel your pain.

Also, I'm glad you provided us with character generation information; I'm done my first draft of my app, so I might as well work on Rhionda's sheet while I wait for commentary.

Name: Serene Ilyskaiai
Race: Human
Class and/or Role: Monk [Flowing Monk] /
Campaign Specific Trait you think you might choose. (I'll figure out what trait I want later.)

There are two reasons why she doesn't have any offensive magics at the start. The roleplay reason is that her innate powers have caused some rather crippling damage to her, due to being unable to control such wild fire in her blood, and has instead decided to draw on magic from outer sources rather than inner.

The in game reason is that I will be multi classing to wizard, and getting most of my offensive abilities through that.

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