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Character InformationName: Lixaipo Yithii
Race: Human (Tian Min)
Gender: Female
Class: Cleric of Groetus, Variant Channeling
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Enhanced Stat Block

Hey Djinn, dunno if you've seen it or not but a recent Paizo Blog says that Aasimar and Tiefling (but not Tengu) will be back off the allowed races list come GenCon on the 14th and the start of season 6. If you can get 1 XP on that character before then you'll be fine, but if you don't it'll be an invalid character.

Originally Posted by shadowhntr7 View Post
Hey Djinn, dunno if you've seen it or not but a recent Paizo Blog says that Aasimar and Tiefling (but not Tengu) will be back off the allowed races list come GenCon on the 14th and the start of season 6. If you can get 1 XP on that character before then you'll be fine, but if you don't it'll be an invalid character.
Thanks for the heads up. No way I'll be able to get an XP by then, so I'll rework the concept.

EDIT: Reworked. Original post has been appropriately edited.

Having settled on a course of action, Lixaipo travelled through the streets of Absalom, purchasing the equipment which she felt she would need to succeed in her missions.

Initial equipment perchase
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Lacking the patience necessary to wait for the most suitable mission, Lixaipo latched on to the first group she saw, ending up on a mission headed to Orison, a location which did not cater to her strengths. Still, despite the fact that her skills were not exactly the ones most needed, the trip was a
2 Prestige
great success, and she returned to Absalom
took 0 HP damage
completely unharmed and
484 GP for completion of mission (See Chronicle sheet)
significantly wealthier, with a few connections which she hoped to be able to call upon in the future.

The only unfortunate aspect of the mission was the death of the enemy final boss monster. He was a allip. As a cleric whose domains are Darkness and Madness, Lixaipo was quite smitten with him. For a brief moment, she thought she might have met Mr. Right. Unfortunately, their madnesses were incompatible, and she was forced to assist in sending him to his final rest. Still, the knowledge that such creatures exist has given her hope for the future.

Upon her return, she found many of the lower-class members of Absalom quite taken by her message of doom. Several were willing to provide her with funds to continue to spread her message. Best of all, one blessed soul actually did heed her call and end his life, leaving behind his worldly goods for her use.

Day job gives 20 GP.

Total Cash available: 520 GP
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Her next mission took her in exactly the opposite direction she wanted to go--to deepest Irrisen. Accepting the mission was perhaps unwise, but she was impressed with the other members who had signed on, and very eager to make a good impression on the PFS, which was footing the bill for all of this travel. Before leaving, she picked up a few things that she was sure would help her.

Most notably, she paid the fee to have her new masterwork heavy flail consecrated to Groetus. Her faith was rewarded, as the ceremony went off without a hitch. This reaffirmed her belief that Groetus represented the true nature of the Groetus/Tsukiyo duality. If Tsukiyo were the more valid, he surely would have demanded that she consecrate a longspear instead.
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Again returning home completely unharmed, Lixapo found that her newly-acquired dragon skull served as an effective prop, teaching the futility of even immortal beings' attempt to cling to life. Her followers, whipped up to full frenzy, committed mass suicide, leaving their property behind. A good day indeed!

Day Job gives 50 GP.
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Her successes both in Irrisen and at home persuaded her to make a couple of major purchases, the better to fulfill her mission of mercy and death. First, she chose to keep the wand of Cure Light Wounds (7 Charges) which she had picked up in her previous mission. Next, she made her first visit to the public magic shop in Absalom, where she picked up a Traveler's Any-Tool and a set of Sleeves of Many Garments.
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How distateful! After a lengthy time away from civilization, traipsing around after the renegade Pathfinder known as Sharrowsmith, her group had finally caught up with him—only to find him dead. Clearly, not the optimum result.

And, as she thought over the events of the past weeks, she found one setback after another. Although her spiritual pursuits had gone well and many souls had chosen to end their lives, donating their worldly goods for the use of her
(Fantabulous DayJob rolls)
fast-growing cult of followers , much had still to be done. And her purely material results had been dreadful.

She had been forced to retreat from a conflict. Worse still, she was not completely convinced that she had done so out of tactical need. Somewhere in the deep recesses of her soul, she suspected that fear had played a role. Certainly something to consider.

Worst of all, however, had been her return. Her arrival at the faction home of the Sovereign Court had gone badly. She had expected to sneak in after hours and freshen up, making her report to faction leaders in the following morning. To her dismay, however, she was seen entering, still sweaty and smelling of the road, her clothing in disarray, and thoroughly unfit for civil society.

After her report of very mixed success on the following day, the whispers around her grew more and more common, until she felt forced to take action. Selling back last season's
(and no longer PFS legal at that price)
unfashionable Keiko Armor and purchasing a shiny new set of Chain Main and a Quickdraw Light Steel shield was the least she could do to cut a more dashing figure. And the least she could do was surely not enough—not if she expected the court to push her suggestion to the
(who were her sponsors in the faction—see backstory)
exiled leaders of Lirgan to make Groetus the official religion of that sodden land. Not enough at all. She therefore placed a Herald on permanent retainer (one Prestige Point--from the Faction Guide's Vanities section) to announce her arrival at all events—just as the other, higher-ranking members of the Sovereign Court had long since done.

After all of those efforts, her standing within the faction seemed to stabilize, and she was again politically able to request their help. First, she had a Wayfinder mounted in the skull of Sharrowsmith himself, as a constant reminder of his folly, that she might not repeat it. As that was being done, she suddenly realized the tremendous benefits of having the Wayfinder cast Message instead of Light. Not the advantage that it would give her in adventuring—that was almost trivial. What she was interested in was the ability to use the Message spell to make sure that the voices in her cultist’s heads said exactly what she wanted them to say. With no further ado, she made the
(Way finder that can be used as a holy symbol =2 Prestige points, Wayfinder that casts Message instead of Light = 5 Prestige points. Total = 7 Prestige Points. Both from the vanities section in the Faction Guide.)
necessary contributions to her faction leaders..
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