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Runelords on the Rise : Burnt Offerings

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Runelords on the Rise : Burnt Offerings

RotR 01: Burnt Offerings - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

This is a First Level Game using the Pathfinder System. You can either use their published books or the Pathfinder SRD for game mechanics.

Applications Close on the 15th of October
Expected Game Start on the 20th of October

As Pathfinder is designed to co-exist with the standard 3.5 system; I will accept non-standard classes from 3.5 supplements if someone has a really, really, really good pitch. I am unfond of some of the more outlandish OGL creations but I myself can cherry pick through some of the feats and classes and find things I like. So long as it does not seem like munchkinisim then give it a go. Also, if there is already a Pathfinder System Class that has the same function, that is what you should use. No 'tome' character classes; from what I have seen of those they are just cribbing notes from Pathfinder anyways. Anything with the words "Dread", "Exalted" or "Vile" in their title are highly suspect.

I feel that the Summoner Class is over powered, particularly at lower levels. And at higher levels just requires too much paperwork.

I feel that the Alchemist Class has potential that has been ruined by too many people trying to play one as if it were Crazy Harry from the Muppets.

As such, I will not accept characters from either of these classes.

A completed character sheet is not required at this time. You can make them, I just do not require them yet.
Having a good feel for your character is more important to me than the game mechanics at this time.



I have two returning players from my previous attempt to GM a game here that are going to be joining in.
I will be accepting Six More.

Character Building Game Mechanics (Because Even When It Is Said They Are Not Needed, Everyone Does It Anyways)

I own the Basic Books and a couple of the PDFs. If for some reason we have a disagreement about what something is supposed to be, check and see if you are using a later printing and let me know if my information is out of date.

Has Anyone Not Seen My Rants Against Random Character Stats?
Character Attributes : Point Build
High Fantasy 25 Points.

Pick Two Traits.
One Must Be From This List
To Reiterate Because Some People Seem To Not Be Clear
You Must Choose One Trait from the "Adventure Path" Traits
The Point of Which is to Make a Connection Between Your Character and the Campaign.

First Level
Maximum Money
Maximum Hit Points

There seems to be some confusion, which is sadly the typical confusion for D&D Games and the idea of an Evil Alignment.
Psychopaths are not evil. Sociopaths are not evil. Serial Killers are not evil.
None of those things are evil. They are mentally handicapped.

I am not forbidding evil aligned characters. But they had better be well written with the intent to show how well they can become part of the group and trusted by the other players.

I have made some changes to the Planetouched because it appears I have had a blind spot about something for several years.
Originally Posted by Luneleck View Post
Will you be using the hero points system?
I am not at this time considering the use of Hero Points. They are most often used in combat and those parts of the thread become muddled enough as it is. Suddenly jumping initiative is especially awkward. I reserve the right to introduce them at a later date if things work smoothly enough or they seem like a fun addition. Please do not base character classes or choices on the availability or non-availability of Hero Points.

For Those Who Want To Post Interest in This Thread and Help Keep it Visible

In This Thread Post for Me

Class and/or Role
Campaign Specific Trait you think you might choose. (You're Not Committed : The One You Thinking About)

Game Description:

Rise of the Runelords : Part Two : The Skinsaw Man
Murders in Sandpoint. Your name spelled in the blood of the victims. Now you face the Skinsaw Man in his lair, a moldy manor house, wrapped in storm and fog and teetering on the edge of a cliff.

I felt the knife in my hand
She laughed no more
~ Tom Jones "Delilah"

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Originally Posted by radiant song View Post
The tense in the bolded sentence implies it happened in the past.
Hmm. Sorry if that sounded confusing but it has not happened yet. I will change the phrasing to "progress" or something instead of 'Set Up" but wanted to comment here because once it is changed, people are going to read the thread and think you're crazy.

Mostly that is a caution about alignments. Pitch an Evil Character if you want, but be prepared to be the kind of evil that will be tagging along on a dangerous quest for almost no pay beyond baked cookies from the ladies of the town. And it has to be evident to me that this is the sort of character you are requesting me to consider.

Originally Posted by radiant song View Post
Second edit: Is it all right to pick two campaign traits rather than just one, or is one the maximum?
Two Campaign Traits are fine so long as they are not incompatible in nature.

Also, while situational bonuses can stack (ie: Over All Bonus to Diplomacy stacks with Bonus to Diplomacy vs only one group of people) permanent bonuses that stack will be reviewed closely. (Two different traits giving permanent bonus to Appraise) Rough Guideline, if through bonuses from Traits and Character Stats gives you a base starting value of 7+ on a skill (before any actual skill points are put to it) I will probably request a change.

I have a question, thanks to linguistics, and aasimar racial, and high intelligence, I have 7 languages to chose from, as well as starting with common and celestial, any suggestions?

Originally Posted by Churlish View Post
Name : Tzios
Race : Aasimar. (Peri-Blooded)
Class : Sorcerer. Going to multiclass to wizard later, which may seem crazy, but don't worry m'lord I have cunning a plan.
Campaign Specific Trait: Touched by Tragedy - Nualia Tobyn
Sounds like a solid idea.

Two Notes.

(1) Why is your character incapable of magic damage? Or am I misreading your other note?

(2) Please note that instead of the typical rules for LA+ Characters, I am using a modification suggested by the Adventure Path set in Korvosa. Details on Modifications to Planetouched Characters of all sorts may be found Here.

Aasimar don't have a level adjustment, and are no stronger than any of the other races in pathfinder.

She's incapable of magic damage, because I'm mainly focusing on wizard, so my sorcerer spells are all going to be buffing and utility, so until second level, lots of crossbow time.

Originally Posted by Churlish View Post
I have a question, thanks to linguistics, and aasimar racial, and high intelligence, I have 7 languages to chose from, as well as starting with common and celestial, any suggestions?
There are a variety of human racial tongues, past and present.

Check These Links for Ideas.


Dead Languages

Originally Posted by Churlish View Post
Aasimar don't have a level adjustment, and are no stronger than any of the other races in pathfinder
While it appears that Pathfinder did away with LA for anything while I was on vacation from my computer this summer, I will dispute your claim that the Planetouched Races are no stronger than any other race. DR 5 vs Acid, Cold and Electricity along with the ability to cast Pyrotechnics places a Peri-Aasimar well into 'stronger than' because that is not even a complete list of their racial abilities.

I am going to sleep on it before giving an official ruling, but at the moment I am strongly leaning towards disagreeing with the SRD. I will look in my physical books tomorrow and check the errata I have on file to see if I can figure out how to better judge this question.

They've never had a LA in pathfinder, a big part of pathfinder is that they think level adjustment is bad, since it gimps so many race/class combinations.

All the races in pathfinder are stronger than they were in 3.5, if that is what you are used to.

I don't even have pyrotechnics anyway, as I took an alternate racial trait.

To be fair, most races have "two up, one down stats". Aasimar just have two up, and their extra bonuses (the energy resistance) are somewhat better than everyone else's (a few skill bonuses, yay!) too. They're probably not worth a +1 LA any more, but it does strike me as odd that they add the thing about Tieflings maybe being overpowered when Aasimar have all that and better stats.

Thats because Tieflings were amongst the first race outside of the standard ones to be added, and even then that was just from a small bit at the back of one of the books iirc. It's just a holdover from that.

Originally Posted by Roughtrade View Post
This will require a pretty good work up. The Shoanti are extremely xeno-phobic towards Orcs and Half Orcs. The quote on the Wiki is "Occasionally a quah will adopt a non-Shoanti into the tribe, but never an orc, half-orc, or Chelaxian" so you will need to convince me. Much like playing a Drow, "I'm the Only Good One" is not enough of a reason to break this tradition.

Additionally, Iomedae is a very civilized deity and Chelaxian as well. If you wish to be a religious warrior of the Shoanti, you should consider a more barbaric type patron.
I understand it will and have the Inner Sea Guide next to me, as well as Deities of Purity, which I'll be consulting as I work out his backstory.

But I think I have a hell of a concept and once I'm done putting the touches on it I don't think it will fall within the realm of cliche or tropes.


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