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Myth Weavers' Milestones

Your story's the same as mine, Wurtan. I've been an RPG guy my whole life but I have always lived in rural areas and never could find a gaming group. By age 26, I was married with a baby and a career and no time for a weekly game that lasts six hours at a stretch. In 2011, I decided to give PbP a try and I've never looked back. I hope you end up enjoying it all as much as I do!

I missed this a few months back...

My first PbP game, Odd Jobs, crossed the 10-year anniversary in late September. Still with one of the original players, too!

Oh wow congrats and nice work! I look forward to hitting that mark but sadly have another 2 years to go.. also down to one stalwart original player

I can't say I've hit the ten year mark in a game...but I think I'm right about at the ten year mark playing with certain PbP players. Between here and another site, we all met online but have faithfully "hung out" and played together now for just about a decade. Gods bless PbP, eh?

Fantastic accomplishment, Eric! Keep on trucking! Is there any end in sight to the campaign? Not sure what the system is-- but will you be the first person in history to run a full Lvl1-20 DnD campaign via Play-by-post?

I'm interested to hear the answer, but I'm honestly not convinced that ten years is quite enough to pull that off. I've been playing in a mostly-fast-paced, steadily-posting PbP game (Rise of the Runelords) on another site since 2013. In six years, we've made it from level 1 to level 8 and it has been awesome...but if you extrapolate that out, even at that pace, it would take a solid 15 years or so to go levels 1-20. If anyone pulls it off, I want to shake his or her digital hand.

Yeah, I'm with you Raistlinmc! I've been doing the same with The Savage Tide game I've been running for a little over 6 years. I've been luckier in some ways-- we've actually hit level 13! But the pace has slowed in the last couple years, and we technically have half the chapters to go. Things are going to get more difficult as kids start to enter the scene... So somewhere between 12 and 15 years is my guess on total time before the end. I've got high hopes that this group will actually pull it off, though! We know each other IRL and it's a major factor in how we keep in touch.

Fingers crossed! And best of luck with your Rise of the Runelords game! I started playing a tabletop game of that this year.

I'm amazed at the connections made from PbP despite not knowing each other in RL. Hell, you want a milestone? When my twins were born a few years back, one of my longtime players who I'm friends with on Facebook - who, again, I've never met - sent my wife and me baby supplies after my OOC post talking about the kiddos coming. I think I was more touched by that than almost anything else ever.

That is pretty amazing as well.


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