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Myth Weavers' Milestones

BlackFox is a special dude. Great player, great guy. If anyone happens to get a chance to game with him sometime in the future, do so!

I guess since we're talking about connections and this is the milestone thread...

A bunch of years ago this site had a 'Real Life Location' thread where you could openly discuss where you were in the world to see if anyone nearby wanted a tabletop game. Looking back, it seemed both silly (because you either swam through pages of posts or just checked new posts for people singles in your area), maybe a tad dangerous, and altogether not the best use of MW resources. Anywhos... I met some folks. We talked in PMs. Eventually, I joined their tabletop game.

Things at the table didn't go great (at no cause of the Weavers involved), but I did connect with another player at the table. I would jokingly ask him as we walked out to our cars when his game was going to start. Eventually, he answered with a real answer.

As that first table disbanded and we all went our separate ways, I started hanging out with this new fella. It's been 7+ years and we still play various campaigns (or board games or video games) every Tuesday and last October him and his partner convinced Mrs. B and I to follow them to Hawaii and be in their wedding.

If not for a little courage in sending that first PM to that Weaver, I probably wouldn't have two of my closest RL friends as an adult. It's amazing what unfolds! And that's my testimony as to why I will likely always be MW loyal.

Basil that is the loveliest story!

That's awesome, great story.

I don't know, kind of hard to believe that someone that plays D&D was able to get married...

But really, that is pretty amazing, Basil. Hooray for the Weave, bringing friends together on & off line!

Agreed. That's an awesome thing, Basil. Thanks for sharing, man!

Maybe the real roleplaying game was the friends we made along the way.

Now that deserves a like button.

These are cool stories and I’m glad there is a thread to celebrate them. Joined the Weave almost two years ago and have made some good friends here as well. One of the things I’ve enjoyed most is getting to know people from all over the world and finding out there isn’t much that separates us as human beings and the commonality of gaming can bring us together. About 17 years ago my best friend met his wife over an on line gaming forum and they just celebrated 15 years of marriage. So I guess I’ll add that to success stories here!

Originally Posted by Raistlinmc
I'm amazed at the connections made from PbP despite not knowing each other in RL. Hell, you want a milestone? When my twins were born a few years back, one of my longtime players who I'm friends with on Facebook - who, again, I've never met - sent my wife and me baby supplies after my OOC post talking about the kiddos coming. I think I was more touched by that than almost anything else ever.
It's tough to follow as amazing a story as Basil's! I wish I could give RPXP to that comment.

I do have a relevant story for this. I've gamed with a few people on MW and elsewhere that I've invited to drop me a line if they're ever in my neck of the woods. I've met up with a few people! Did some work for a contractor I met through PbP when I was younger. Since then, I've met up with a few friends for dinner. But last week, I happened to be in DC where one of my long-time PbP friends lives. The host set up ahead of time a tabletop meetup for several of us from around the country. He ran us through a Celtic-themed one-shot over the course of two days, and it was quite a treat! We battled recurring-villain pixies, got lycanthropy, fought off the undead husks of Romani invaders, and made a deal with Carridwen to drink three drops of a potion she had stewed for a year and a day. And I got to talk in a terrible fake Irish accent the whole time!

We even got some IRL treasure for successfully completing the campaign. It inspired me to start a new tabletop group where I live.


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