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This week in video games...

Originally Posted by TheWhitefire View Post
Traditionally, it's very difficult to armor the groin and mid thigh with more than chain or a heavy gambeson, because it can severely restrict movement. During Full Metal Jousting, that was the exact area that had one of the competitors nearly hospitalized because a splinter broke off from the training joust and just about castrated him, and only narrowly avoided and artery.
Traditionally, this only holds true during horse riding. I'm not looking for full plate codpieces, I'm looking for anything at all. Note that, again, the two that I posted at the best examples. The first is wearing gambeson - though it may be chainmail, judging from the artist's other work - and the second is wearing nothing but his pants. If it was just a mail skirt, it would make sense. But for most characters, it's not even a mail or cloth skirt.
Here's a lightly armored character.
Here's a high-defense-but-mobile character.

I'll give them a pass here. Traditionally Fire Emblem has been one of the absolute few series, games, or anything at all ever, to give surprisingly reasonable armor to the female side of the spectrum. I mean, not always, but characters like Titania look freaking awesome and completely avoid the boob-plate idiocy you see pretty much everywhere, and Amelia straight up uses the same sprites as her male counterparts just with a different head and color scheme. It's like they don't want blades to bounce off their boob cups into their sternum!

...and then they went right back to them in Awakening. D,=

Oh well, at least Titania will always be awesome.

I kinda loved Awakening's toilet bowl cavaliers purely for the fact that they were called that.

I mean, yeah, my whole statement is a minor nitpick and just about the only darn thing I can find that I actually dislike about the art. There's still some boob-plate issues in Echoes, but that's hard to fault when the rest of the design is generally fantastic. It's, in my opinion, lightyears above Kozaki's awkward proportions and Fates DLC blunders.

Rising Storm the stand alone pacific theater expansion to the fairly realistic team based World War 2 shooter Red Orchestra 2 is currently on a 100% discount at Humble Store, presumably to promote the upcoming sequel. The "sale is only going for the next 12 hours or so though so hurry and get it!

I'm glad to hear more love for Fire Emblem Echoes, especially for the art style, one of my favorite things. And I entirely agree Planeswalker, I used to adore the series for it's very reasonable if not awesome portrayal of female soldiers on par with their male counterparts, and felt Awakening and Fates were a step back. I do feel this game returned to form, with the caveat that I'm having a bit of a hard time comparison, just because the most common male classes (Fighter and Sage) and female classes (Pegasus Knight, Priestess and Cleric) are also the most common classes in the game. The most notable female martial character,
Mathilda the Paladin, does have some boob armor, but definitely not as bad as some of the more recent women in the series. Compared to her
original art, I'm just grateful she has armor.

Also, I'm a big fan of equal-opportunity fan service. Hello,
Atlas the Villager! Hello,
Jesse the Mercenary!

I am seriously wondering what kind of village Atlas comes from. The Village of Hunky Dudes? Protein Village? Villiftage?

One where he's a lumberjack and lives next to graveyard that spawns nigh-infinite EXP-rich undead foes.

Bonus points, I've always loved how Fire Emblem character design is often married to their stats. Atlas has an obscene Attack, but Speed and Defense are laughable at best.

Even more love for the art, the updates given to characters is fantastic.
Here's Jesse's original art.
And here's Atlas.

That's why I got it for my PS4!

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