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I Sense a Great Disturbance in the Force.

Originally Posted by Krimson View Post
I read the Traviss books AND I like the Clone Wars Mandalorians. For a bunch of pacifists those guys are still scary. And guards who are trained in resisting Jedi mind tricks? How awesome is that? I certainly preferred a very high tech Mandalore to Traviss' Outback.
I guess it is just a difference of opinion then. I preferred the 'Outback' Mando.

I agree with everyone questioning what they will do with the EU. I've just finished reading the newest book and it was amazing. I think it's inevitable that they will deviate but I do hope that keep it to a minimum

According to here, episode 7 won't be based on the Thrawn Triology. And that the new movie would be all original content.

I like how the headline says "all $4 billion" but then the article itself says it'll be the majority of it instead of all. So much for accuracy...

Anyway, it's mostly a way to avoid paying ~$2 billion in taxes. The foundation will probably have his children running it and pay them enormous salaries. If Lucas died and his children inherited it the company they'd have had to sell it anyway to pay the tax bill. It was guaranteed to be sold at some point, I'm just glad it is in the hands of a company that can manage intellectual property over a long period of time.

Dig deep and find the evil in a man donating billions of dollars to charity.. Well done.. Even if it is for selfish reasons, donating more money than any of use are likely to see in our lives to charity should still be applauded..

Originally Posted by Lord Ben View Post
I find nothing evil in a properly managed estate plan.
And nothing good about someone donating billions of dollars to charity?

Of course it's good. That's why those tax exemptions exist in the first place.

Linked ArticleGeorge... I'm so sorry. I've given you a hard time for the last decade or so, and now I'm truly sorry. With this incredible act of charity and kindness, you have earned a free pass for anything that might have upset me or other fans in the past. You want to not release the pre-Special Edition movies in HD? Fine. You want Greedo to shoot first? You got it. You want Episodes VII-IX to be about Jar Jar doing his laundry? ...well, I'd prefer that not be the case, but if that's what you want, you've earned it. When you first released Star Wars, you were a visionary. Now, you're a hero.

I just think the linked article goes a little over the top hero worship and it should be pointed out that it's largely standard in estate planning.

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