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New Player FAQ: Please Read!

New Player FAQ: Please Read!

shadowhntr7 made this thread as we have had many repeats of the same few questions throughout our new players. I hope to get everyone some new and helpful information through this thread. If you can think of any question I've missed, please let me know!

Q: What's the Guide, do I have to read it?
A: The Guide To Pathfinder Society Organized Play is required reading for all players and GMs alike, and contains all rules specific to the PFS system. If you have a question, it's likely answered there! As a note, the guide is updated yearly before GenCon and should be re-downloaded as some rules will change. You can check your "My Downloads" section of the website to see if you have the latest version.

Q: Is there anywhere I can get information about all the different archtypes, classes, and such? I don't have all the books.
A: Yup! The D20PFSRD and the Archives of Nethys have all the information you could ever need.

Q: Is X banned? How about Y?
A: The Additional Resources page contains all useable sources and which content from them is legal or not legal. If a legal option is removed, your character will either be grandfathered in (such as Aasimar or Tiefling characters played before August 2014), or you will be allowed a rebuild (such as when they banned several archetypes in guide 4.2).

Q: What is this rebuilding stuff? What can I do with it?
A: With the newest version of the Guide out, all 1st level characters (that is, any character with three or fewer XP in total) may undergo complete rebuilds. Every single aspect of their character can be changed except for the PFS Number (19873-2, etc), including but not limited to: gear, ability scores, archtypes, and class. Characters retain their XP, Fame, current Prestige (with their new Faction if changed) and any items/boons purchased via Prestige (these cannot be changed, un-bought, or sold). This also applies to racial boons- you can make a character a new, boon-only race despite it not being their first Chronicle.

Q: Is there any way to rebuild after level 1?
A: There are limited options to rebuild your character after level 1. If your character has never been played at level 2 or higher (such as a character that was played at level one, then was raised with GM Credit) you still qualify for the "Level 1" retraining. If you have played the character at level 2 or later, you may use the retraining options found in Ultimate Campaign. Because time between scenarios is undefined, retraining also costs 1 point of Prestige for each day the retraining normally takes. For example, retraining to gain an extra hit point costs 30gp x your current level, plus 3 Prestige.

Q:....boon race? What's that, Shadow?
A: Normally, the only races a character can be are the Core races, and now Kitsune, Nagagi, Wayang, Tengu, Ifrit, Oread, Sylph and Undine characters are allowed as well with the newest Guide version. Races such as Aasimar, Dhampir, Tiefling, or Grippli are only available with specific, convention-only, single use boons. These boons must be recognized and signed off by a GM and added to a character's normal Chronicle sheets.

Q: Ok, so how do I get in a game here? Do I just choose one and start posting?
A: Periodically, our staff of GMs will open a new Muster in the main thread group. If you see one saying Muster Open, you're free to look at that game and join. Please keep in mind that any/all GMs will have particular house rules, posting expectations, and playing tiers in mind for their scenario, and it is the player's job to respect and abide by those rules, whichever they might be. Musters are strictly (by PFS law) first come, first served, so if you're at all interested, you'd best bite early! If you're curious about if there are any new Musters coming soon or planned, check Muster Planning in the Venture Captain's Lounge.

Q: What about GMing? How do I start doing that?
A: It's easy! GMing PFS has our active discussion for our GMing staff, and is the place to go if you have any questions. GMing is dependent upon you legally purchasing and downloading a Society PDF from These PDFs generally run $3-4, but there are some such as the First Steps series that are free to download, and are a great place for any prospective GM to jump into the fun!

Q: I'm interested in GMing, but what if I mess up? What if I have to go on vacation?
A: Our entire staff of GMs is here to help you on both counts! As we have, between all of us, ran many different modules we are likely to have some experience with whichever you are running or plan to run. This likely also means various images, maps, and plans for each scenario, meaning you might even be able to save time in the long run by re-using these with permission. If you have to leave for a time, or quit altogether, we understand- an advantage of PFS play is that we have a large number of GMs able to step into your shoes and continue the game to provide a seamless transition for your players. If you are planning to be gone for a time, please let your players and fellow GMs know!

Q: Can I stop reading and start playing now?
A: Yes, yes you may.

Q: WAIT! I have more questions! Can I ask them?
A: No! ...oh all right. Stop with the sad puppy-dog eyes. Yeah, come on over to our initiate training grounds and ask all you like.

A guide for new players has been added here:

Some of this may be redundant if you are already here, but it still contains some useful information.

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