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16New membership and old news

Welcome to the new members
I have had a game ad open for a couple of weeks now and we have signed up a bunch of new members, some GMs and some PCs. Like always, I expect that some will never play a game, others will play one and disappear and others yet will become long-term participants. Hopefully we've added to our GM pool and we can get rolling with a few new groups.

PbP Gameday number 1
Our first Gameday was a success, though a bit of a hassle in terms of setting it up and in getting boons where they needed to be. I have fed back my feelings on how to run it differently next time and the story is that there will be another one of these in a couple of months, hopefully with fewer glitches. In the process, we have increased our exposure on the Paizo forums and from what I hear, the higher ups are happy with our little community, so kudos to everyone here.

Explore, Report, and Cooperate!


Gameday 3 prizes!Howdy!

Thanks for all your patience on this.

Here are the winners of the PbP Gameday 3 Prizes:

11,5 : 15812
47,5 : 141231
132,1: 114768
158,3: 33973
131,2: 108064
20,3 : 127693
4,6 : 73432
122,0: 34327
65,4 : 128906
38,3 : 66260
30,3 : 22523
64,3 : 112554
25,1 : 65114
1,3 : 86776
100,6: 53228
99,0 : 100387
120,1: 131682
57,1 : 17155
134,2: 61161
44,3 : 6919
95,3 : 27727
34,5 : 5331
58,3 : 95823
104,4: 24861
81,2 : 38299

(The numbers above are "Reported session number, Player Number: PFS #".)

The Prize Options are:

* PDF of one of the PF Rulebooks (Core Rulebook, ACG, or APG, for example)
* PDF bundle of one of the following seasons: 0, 1, 2, or 3 (full scenario season bundle)
* PDF of a single book of an AP (like Skull and Shackles book 1, but not the RotR Anniversary edition)
* PDF of a single "Tales" book (Liar's Blade for example)
* PDF of a single Player's Companion (Familiar Folio, for example)
* PDF of a single Campaign Setting book (Andoran, Birthplace of Freedom, for example)

The winners listed above may pick one of the Prize options listed above.

(If you can check your sessions submitted emails to see if a player won at one of your tables and pass that info on, that would be greatly appreciated.)

Players must contact us at to let us know what prize they choose by Sunday, February 15th, 2015 @ 8 PM CST US [UTC-6]. We must also have the winners attached email address for Mike Brock to distribute the prize chosen.

Your GM boon is also attached to this email. You are ONLY allowed one copy of the GM boon - so please do not distribute or make multiple copies of the boon.

Arthur and Brandon have also started on Player boons.

If you won a player boon and have not received it by Friday, February 13th, 2015 @ 10 PM CST US [UTC-6], please let us know.

Thank you VERY much for all that you have done for PbP Gameday 3.

Hope to see you back at the next one.

Talk to you soon,

- Jesse [IronHelixx]
PFS VC, Online Play

Unless I just filled out a chronicle sheet wrong, 100387 is our very own Aerondor and 53228 is mtfalcon. Congrats guys.

Just so everyone knows, Son of Meepo (one of our industrious members) made a scenario tracking spreadsheet here:

For those with more than a couple games under their belt, please head over and fill in a line and keep it up to date. It helps we GMs when we are deciding what scenarios to run next.

I made fillable-PDF Faction Journal Cards here:

Hopefully they work for everyone.

I had a brainwave today and so managed to trick the system to jiggle the threadgroup order around a little to put the discussion threads at the top, the active games in the middle and the archives (Pathfinder Chronicles) at the bottom.

We used to have a more organized layout but had to switch away from that when our number of games approached a Myth-Weavers maximum for threadgroups. This move returns things to closer to how they were and satisfies my OCD.

Indeed -- Son of Meepo is our very own Venture Agent. I'm not 100% sure exactly what that means, other than we have to do everything he tells us to, to the letter, or suffer the lash as would a halfling in Cheliax!

Ahem, excuse me, I'm pretty sure it doesn't mean that. Rather, I think it means that we do have some semi-direct access to the VO hierarchy should we need it for whatever reason.

Thanks everyone,

Before I get to the what being a Venture-Agent means, let me start by recognizing the hard work of our previous (and first) Venture-Agent, Greycloak. Without his tireless work over the past few years, PFS on Myth-Weavers would not be where it is today.

Now for what being a Venture-Agent means, I'll quote the official duties and expectations, a lot of the duties come down to communication both up and down the chain of:
  • Update contact info for yourself and any GMs at your site with your VL/VC.
    If anyone is unsure how to use the Private Message system, let me know.
  • Build a positive rapport with your store or community group leadership. Encourage stores to register as retailers on
    The admins on Myth-Weavers are very responsive, so that won't be a problem.
  • Acknowledge different styles of role-play and their presence in the Pathfinder Society.
    If someone thinks certain play styles are being discouraged here, please message me.
  • Schedule games catering to a variety of play styles, based on the needs and desires of your community.
    Again, let me know if you think this is not happening.
  • Identify any issues to your local VL, so that they may begin the conflict resolution process.
    Hilary Moon Murphy, who will go by GM Hmm when she wants to post here, is our VL.
    As always, your table GM should be your first line of conflict resolution in game. If you can't resolve issues at the table or if the issue is about PFS on Myth-Weavers in general contact me. If there is something we can't handle then it should be escalated to the VL.
  • Meet with your VL/VC on a monthly basis to receive mentoring, discuss local issues, and identify growth areas. Online/telephone meetings count for this requirement.
    The good thing about being an online community is that we are in constant contact, so no need to wait for monthly meetings. We have a forum for the Online VOs on Discord.
  • Submit monthly status reports to your VL/VC including the number/type of sessions ran, current numbers of players/GMs, and other requested metrics. These reports are due the first Thursday of the month following the reporting period.
    I'm not entirely sure how this point works in the online realm as games often span multiple months.
  • Support your VL/VC in maintaining a searchable online presence for your area with current game information.
    I know I as well as others here have tried to advertise the presence of PFS on Myth-Weavers. If anyone has suggestions on this point, please let me know.
  • Coordinate sessions at one site at least twice a month. Less frequent scheduling is permitted, subject to VC/VL approval.
    We always have games going on, so this isn't really an issue. However, what I would like to suggest is if you aren't playing in any games currently (and would like to) but there isn't anything mustering, let me know I'll make sure to post something saying that there are players looking for a game.
  • Ensure games run at your site are reported on
    Anyone not know how to do this?
  • Run one session a month at a public venue where any may attend.
    Again with the differences between pbp and other means of playing PFS, starting up a new game every month may not be feasible. But my goal is to have a game running or mustering that I will GM on an as close to consistent basis as possible. Currently I'm still running a game from the recent PBP Gameday that I took over for a missing GM on the Paizo forums. With the holidays around us I don't have the bandwidth to run another game. But after the start of the year I will continue with the third part of the Faithless and Forgotten series. Once that wraps up I can start mustering new groups for new adventures.

I'm going to go through some of the old informational threads and clean them up as needed. If anyone see anything that is needs updating let me know.



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