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Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Greetings from a new (ish) player!

Greetings from a new (ish) player!

Greetings, Weavers!

I made an account a while back for...well, I can't quite recall why I did so, if I was just going to let it languish for a while...but now I've had a drastic change in schedule, I have both an excess of leisure time and a need for a creative/social outlet. I look forward to doing some Play-by-Post with all of you.

Welcome @HermesTrismegistus !

So if we have questions about the Emerald Tablet, you're the right person to contact?

Welcome to Myth-Weaver, @HermesTrismegistus !

Many of us made an account some time before we started chatting it up and/or playing games, mostly for the character sheets, myself included. It's a lot more common than you'd think.

Anyhow, welcome the wonders of Play-by-Post. Be wared - given the asynchronous nature of the medium, things can move a little slow, but this is in exchange for the ability to post at your leisure. Your first step is to give our Games and Ads section a look over. You'll find all sorts of games recruiting there. Most games have something of a process when it comes to accepting players, so you'll want to check out their particular details.

So the first question to ask you is this: What sort of games/systems are you looking to get into?

You'll find that Pathfinder and D&D 5e are some of the most popular around here, but that said, I recommend looking outside of the d20 systems and checking out everything and anything offered. If it's something brand new to you and it looks interesting, go for it. Many of the non-D&D systems are always looking for new players.

Also, I recommend getting chatty through out the forums or even dropping by our Discord Channel. Just watch out for those welcoming harpoons - they're harmless... mostly

If you have any questions, let us know! We're quite friendly around here, and happy to help!


Greetings @HermesTrismegistus! And Welcome. I actually found Myth-weavers cause I wanted to play games online. I didn't even know about the character sheets until later!

Ask questions! Share your creativity! Play games! HAVE FUN!

Sorry for my tardiness. Turns out, I actually spelt my old password's Latin incorrectly...serves me right for trying to match the Hermetic theme, I suppose. It's all good now, though.
@Leonidas1789, you're free to address questions about it, but be aware that I am obliged to only answer in cryptic riddles and esoteric metaphors. By the same token, may I stage a battle with you on a narrow pass, in which you are aided by Greek city states who receive absolutely no credit? (I kid, of course, Leonidas was great)
@Yamazaki, I'm partial to d20 myself (3.P, and 5e mainly) but I also adore some of the more...politically correct WOD products. Mage, mostly, though I can never seem to find a game. Thanks for the warm reception!
Ask questions! Share your creativity! Play games! HAVE FUN!
@TatteredKing, I think this could form the site's precept. I certainly shall!

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