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A Re-Introduction

A Re-Introduction

After an unexpected but rather extended hiatus thanks to issues in real life, I have returned to Myth Weavers for socializing and gaming. I want to put forth that I apologize to any/all who felt that my most recent disappearance was in bad faith; sometimes, things happen, and you cannot control what you cannot control. I had things that needed doing, and I did them. Plain and simple.

I'd also like to put forth that I just want to play. No debating, no arguing, no getting into odd topics that I may or may not have any direct knowledge of. No opinions outside of "I liked it" or "It didn't do anything for me". I want to stay away from anything that could potentially be construed as argumentative or confrontational. I am here for the same reason the rest of you are: to have fun.

So I'm back, and looking for games to join. I may not be as talkative as I once was, but please don't take my lack of speaking as a sign that I'm being stand-offish. I'm simply just trying to be a nice guy.

Welcome back Scarecrow, it’s been a while! I hope all is well with you.

Welcome back!

Originally Posted by Black Wyvern View Post
@Scarecrow71 Welcome back man! Hopefully we will see some OSR games coming soon!!!
I plan on playing a whole lot more than GMing. So I'm hoping to see some OSR's so i can apply!

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