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Morning all

Morning all

So, as the newest newbie here [for now] I just wanted to say a quick "Hello" to the community.

I'll be honest, I've not played any RPGs for many years (at least with other people) but after years of finding that CRPGs don't really scratch that whole immersion itch, and MMO communities not really having that same 'in character' feel, I find myself drifting back towards wanting to play proper games with proper people (but no longer having a local community to play with face to face).

I started out playing the original Traveler game in high-school in the '80s, and then fell into D&D and Runescape campaigns whilst at Uni (along with local online En Garde! and Kingdoms campaigns, and a bit of live-action RP ... which was immense fun), but that was all >20 years ago.

So. Looking forward to digging into some of what's on offer here and diving into a suitable game when I find one.

See you all on the flip.

Welcome to the internet's den of scum and villainy. Hope you enjoy your stay

Another Traveller player, excellent ^_^ We have a running thread of us going on here, if you're looking to get back to your high school days

Anyway, welcome to the Weave!

Originally Posted by Suzuki Stumpy View Post
So, as the newest newbie here [for now] I just wanted to say a quick "Hello" to the community.
Welcome to the Weave, Suzuki! Looks like you're already on the right track.

First of all, here's a link to our New to Play by Post thread. But the short version is this: PbP is an asynchronous medium of playing Table Top RPGs, meaning that players and Game Masters can post at their general leisure, regardless of time of day. We do things a touch differently than other sites, where we have game ads posted and prospective players apply. You'll want to swing over by our Games and Ads section to check that out! Every GM does it a little differently, so check the campaign info and forum for the exact details.

We support a very wide variety of systems here, ranging from good ol D&D to Pathfinder to Shadowrun to Fate to PbtA to, well, I don't think there's a system we don't support. So if you spot something outside of your norm that catches your attention - go ahead and apply for it anyways.

Also, I recommend getting chatty through out the forums or even dropping by our Discord Channel. Just watch out for those welcoming harpoons - they're harmless... mostly

If you have any questions, let us know! Don't be afraid to ask, either - we do our best to help people out.


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