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[D&D and Starfinder] Basics4Gamers

We're back with another Dungeons & Dragons video -- Basics of the Attack Action: https://youtu.be/QvBU9p08ULA

In our previous video we discussed the actions a player can declare when it is not their turn -- Reactions. And in part 4 of our Basics of Combat series we explore what is probably the most common action taken in combat... Attack! In this video we discuss how to calculate attack bonuses, how Critical Hits and Critical Misses work, Extra Attacks, and a few other creative options like Grapple, Shove, Two-Weapon Fighting, Disarm, and Mark.

In Part 5 of this series we will review how defenses work to counter attacks with Armor Class and Saving Throws.

The rest of our D&D (and Starfinder) videos can be found on our channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Basics4Gamers

We're back with another Starfinder video -- Basics of Starships Part 01: An Overview

This is the first part of what will be a fairly lengthy series focused on Starships and Starship Combat in the Starfinder RPG.

Starship combat is one of the most complex aspects of the Starfinder ruleset, and is often looked at as its own sort of mini-game nestled within a Starfinder adventure. As such, there is way too much content to try and tackle in one video, but our goal is to give all the players and GMs out there the info they need to be successful by the end of the series.

This first part is an overview of how starships function. We go over a few key terms, review important ways in which starship combat differs from personal combat, and completely dissect a typical starship's stat block. While doing so we briefly touch on concepts like damage thresholds, when critical damage is inflicted, and how shields function. Everything discussed in this video will be examined in full detail in the later parts of this series.

In Part 2 of this series we will discuss how starship combat is divided into distinct "Phases" that dictate when a player can act and what they can do on their turn. We will also introduce the concept of Roles and how crewmembers (and players) select a specific duty, independent of their character class, while aboard a starship.

The rest of our Starfinder (and 5e D&D) videos can be found on our channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Basics4Gamers


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