This site is pretty awesome. - Myth-Weavers


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This site is pretty awesome.

This site is pretty awesome.

So to be fair, I joined more than a couple months ago and have gotten on a couple games already but still. Hello myth weavers and thanks for a most excellent site. I'm new to the whole pbp thing (and to be honest, tabletop rpg in general) but y'all have been very welcoming and the tools to play are well made. I'm here interested in DnD 5e (It's the only thing I have the handbooks for) and am interested in one game type in particular. I've seen the term Basic X in regards to DnD as a game style where you just roll a character and dungeon delve. I understand it's a story-lite style with a high PC mortality rate that focuses on the fighting mechanics of DnD. And if someone wants to DM that I'd be excited to play, it'll help me to understand the rules in an active fashion.

Welcome! It is a pretty great site, truly.

I was exactly like you ten years ago. Then I found PbP.

Needless to say, the decade since has been far more awesome than it would have been without that discovery.

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