Welcome to the Ruins of Azlant!

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Welcome to the Ruins of Azlant!

Ruins of Azlant - Forum
Pathfinder - Golarion

What this isRuins of Azlant is one half of an AP exchange between myself and Roboti Chocolati. This AP is left mostly unmodified(for now), and I will be running it for him and one other person.

For more information, see the Chargen Rules for Ruins of Azlant and dont forget to take a look at the Underwater Rules
What we wantWe're on the lookout for one player and one player only, to join Diana Paige, an intrepid explorer on the lookout for an adventure where she can explore at her leisure and begin her own journey. The sort of character we need is expected to be able to cooperate, work as a team to explore, fight, solve riddles, and have fun!
What to makeCharacters will be level 1 gestalt characters with a variety of small buffs to make a party of two players viable. These tweaks include access to character modification through the Race Builder. Players will be allowed to choose from all Paizo official content as well a wide variety of 3rd party materials.
Posting ExpectationsGiven the small nature of the character roster and the active nature of Roboti and myself, we would like a fairly brisk posting rate. Preferably, we would like players who can post at least once per week day and once per weekend. Real life happens and a it inevitably effects posting rate, if that happens, please alert me.
What's the next step?If you're still here and still interested, please get into the Application threadgroup and submit a character!


TeaserYou have been selected for a very important expedition to the lost continent of Azlant! After hearing of the expedition, you applied for adventure, and those responsible for organizing the expedition selected you to join other colonists to stake claim to an island named Ancorato in the Arcadian Ocean.

The Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path begins with your characters standing on the deck of a ship after a long voyage to a newly founded colony called Talmandorís Bounty on an island in what is left of Azlant. The journey from Almas in Andoran to the island of Ancorato has taken 6 weeks aboard a ship called the Peregrine, and you and the others have had a chance to get to know some of the other colonists.

While the destruction of Azlant was a defining moment for the Inner Sea region, many people who live there these days know little of the ancient Azlanti. Some donít believe the tales unearthed after millennia of burial and regard them as myth. Those nonbelievers canít imagine a world so rich in magic that it was ubiquitous in Azlanti society, with everyday citizens benefiting from the cultureís deep interest in magic and science.

Now is your chance to not only establish a foothold in this fabled and broken land, but also to potentially uncover valuable lost lore once held by one of historyís most powerful and enigmatic cultures.
Application DeadlinesYou've got from today(April 15th) to Sunday April 22nd, Midnight, to submit an application. After that, another the Applications will close, and only those who got an app in may work on them for another 2 days. On April 25th, the selection process begins!

Game Description:

Ruins of Azlant: AP Trade Edition.

"Accept me and I shall grant life everlasting. Though it shall be filled with grief, thou shalt have all eternity to wreak vengeance upon thine enemies."
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Hmmm.... I can get you something soonish.

Sounds cool - with so many games stalling or dying, I need a new one. Will have an app in soon.

I would love to apply for but unfortunately with my limited experience with Pathfinder and my still confusion regarding the gestalt idea coupled with the hurried deadline, I'm afraid that I must pass.

Originally Posted by Mindcrime View Post
I would love to apply for but unfortunately with my limited experience with Pathfinder and my still confusion regarding the gestalt idea coupled with the hurried deadline, I'm afraid that I must pass.
No worries!

Well, as for Gestalt... Its just 'take the better of the two' for Saves, BAB, Skillpoints, while having both the sides skills and abilities. There's more but at level 1, thats all you should be worried about.

Hmm... I've got two ideas for a character. Either a dedicated caster or a savvy mundane; Wizard/Inquisitor, probably an Inquisitor of Irori for the historian angle but I haven't nailed down a god yet, or a fighter/rogue with a heavy focus on being useful with regards to keeping other people alive coming in later on. What's the one character that already exists? I don't like competing with party members for a niche.

Alright, I think we're a tad short on True Magic, then. I'll try to make an INT caster. Are we allowed to take Azlanti with linguistics or do we absolutely need the campaign trait for it?

I dont really think Azlanti is exclusive - its more that it comes with the package that the trait in particular offers ya. So Linguistics will do.

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