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Mordae's GM Rescue Society

Originally Posted by Ashir View Post
Folders do not remain after archival and any private'd threads are made public, if I'm not mistaken. You can, however, re-privatize the threads and remake the folders and re-add the threads to them.
Thank you.

A Territorial Dispute - D&D 5e

Six zany goblins in hot pursuit of an evil wizard in a desperate bid to save their tribes from enslavement or extermination. Unfortunately, they're in need of a new GM for the new year. Anyone interested?

I am looking to rescue Last Breath on behalf of the players: Calrond, paladinred, Percevil, and Sorithar.

Invite sent!
HeadGM transferred!

"Shadows of New York City" is still seeking a rescue! We've got some dedicated and skilled writers who are wanting to continue their Shadowrunning career.

@Mordae - In the meantime, could I please be made the new lead on this game so I can move things forward, access campaign notes etc?

headGM transferred!

Originally Posted by Quintarion View Post
Is there any interest in taking over a Pathfinder game set in Forgotten Realms? There are two players that have created complete characters with great backgrounds that can be used for future hooks/plots. They've been good in communicating and bouncing ideas off of one another as well. The game has been completely sandbox so any ideas can be thrown into the mix.

Unfortunately I've had a promotion at my job that has taken more of my time than I realized would happen, and I feel terrible leaving the game without a proper DM.

The game is here - A Story of Their Own
I allow myself to reiterate Quintarion's call for help. Anyone interested in rescuing this (undeniably wonderful ) game?
I can tell you, X51 and myself we are really committed to it!

Mordae, our GM is too busy with RL to continue our game called A New World. The other players are on board with me taking over as GM if you would be so kind to wave your magic GM powers wand please.
Here is the OOC thread where the GM left and the players voted for me to take over.

HeadGM transferred!


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